Question about Injections and who can give them

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    Hi all, I live in Indiana and my Mother called wanting to know who can legally give various injections from flu shots, tetanus, to PPD skin test injections. I fired off an email stating to the best of my Knowledge only RN's and in some cases LPNs. My mother works for a company that normally keeps a staff nurse on hand for job related injuries (factory related injuries), but they have been without a nurse for awhile (economy, downsizing, etc). So I am wondering did I tell her wrong? can MA's do any injections? I saw an earlier post about people using the title "Nurse" and doing injections at the behest of Dr's but not actually being Licensed nurses. And yes i told her to be safe always have a licensed nurse do injections.

    4 quarters down, 4 to go for my ADN!

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    I believe CMAs are able to give immunizations as well. To give a TB test a person should be TB certified as well.
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    You dont have to be TB certified to do TB tests...

    "and in some cases LPNs"??? Where in the world is an LPN NOT allowed to give injections??

    MA's, CMA's, non licensed people trained by others all give injections.
    It all depends on where and who's license they are working under.

    Im not saying I agree that they SHOULD, Im just saying that they DO.
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    Oops, didn't mean to give kudos, sorry to say. Meant instead to say that in my area of the world, anyone placing or reading a TB test must be certified. I can't imagine that not being a requirement everywhere.
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    I'm only an MA and my job is to give injections an TB test all day in our clinic.
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    I administer and read TB tests all day long too, part of my job as public health nurse. Im an LPN. I dont have any special certifications for TB testing.
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    I get my flu shots from a nervous nursing student :-)
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    Quote from smanion
    You dont have to be TB certified to do TB tests...

    "and in some cases LPNs"??? Where in the world is an LPN NOT allowed to give injections??

    If the LPN does not have pharmacology certification they would not be able to give injections. I know most schools offer that right along with the training, but there was a time when they did not, so there may be a few out there that weren't certified, highly unlikely but never say never!

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    It also depends on the state I believe...
    for example, in some states MA's can give and read TB tests, but in California they can only give TB tests...
    LVN's in california can give injections, read TB tests and if they are IV certified administer regular solutions such as normal saline and blood products.
    RN's can do all of the above and IV medications

    I believe unlicensed personnel can be trained in certain situations, but the laws vary on that.
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    THanks all, It was just a curious question, I didnt mean to tweak anyones nose by asking if Lpns can or can not give shots, I honestly did not know. I'm halfway to getting my ADN and we JUST did IM and subcut injections a month ago on each other for a practical, just got into starting IV's on the "fake" arms. My clinicals start in January and I can't wait. This board has been a Godsend of info, support, and when I needed it laughter.
    As for my original question I suppuse it would be best to check with the BON of my state, just didnt think they had a hot line for off the wall question from nursing students Heh would be ringing off the hook if they did. I do appreciate all input even if it is just to correct my assumptions, as I know in the future I should probably have a good idea of what I can delegate to whom.

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