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K.P.A. has 2 years experience and specializes in mental health.


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  1. K.P.A.

    Need advice...

    You'll have a much better shot at getting into an accelerated program with strong pre-req progress on your application. My plan B was public health classes while waiting for a nursing school slot. With A's in pre-req classes, I didn't have to wait and never got into plan B but am still considering public health if I don't get into a DNP program next fall. FWIW, I'm well over age 50 and this is career # 5 or 6.
  2. K.P.A.

    feeling totally overwhelmed!!

    I recommend rounding as soon as possible after coming on shift so you know what you'll be dealing with. Ask patients how they are feeling and if they need anything. I suspect there is some sort of patient assessment flow sheet you need to complete on each shift and this gives you the information to start it. Know your patient concerns and can get them taken care of early in the shift. Part of therapy is providing structure. Let the patients know that you have some other work to do and will be doing rounds again, give them a specific time, and stick to it. You're modeling. Next, do your chart checks. You don't want someone missing evening meds because an order was missed. You will also want to note any lab orders so you can let the 11-7 shift know which patients will be going to the lab and will be NPO. Give your tech(s) as much autonomy as you can. This takes a while if you are new. Structure your staff activities but also give them as much autonomy as you can. Don't get discouraged. It will take many months to develop an efficient and enjoyable structure for your shift. You eventually want as much of your shift as possible to be therapeutic, and pro-active, without turning yourself into an autocrat. As for staying late to finish work. Prioritize your work so that you complete everything that can't be done by the next shift. Hand the rest off in report.
  3. When asked to work my off Sunday mornings I ask for the next Friday off in exchange. Management would rather pay someone else overtime on Sunday than try to fill my Friday slot ;-)
  4. from the EMTs: "nutted up" = decompensated usually with a groan: Cluster B or Axis II
  5. K.P.A.

    Have you ever been mistaken for a doctor?

    I get called so many things I don't bother keeping track ;-)
  6. This would never happen if people paid for the service they receive.
  7. K.P.A.

    How did everyones semester go?

    Hell. Done. Pinned.
  8. K.P.A.

    Why do you feel that nursing is for you?

    0) patient feels good, I feel good...kind of addicting 1) the captive audience 2) fun playing with guts 3) female nurses share A&P knowledge 4) work schedule
  9. K.P.A.

    How much do I need to know about sports?

    No interest in sports here... Bikes, cars, fishing, hunting, computers, math, physics, women, dogs, airplanes, farming, working out, ...there's plenty to talk about aside from sports. Women like to talk about fishing, motorbikes, etc. too...
  10. K.P.A.

    Thinking of switching major to Nursing.

    I switched(nth career) for purely selfish reasons... The captive audience, lack of cubicles, preponderance of female co-workers, amazing variety of odors (perhaps I was a dog in a previous incarnation), but mostly the feeling I get when I can make someone else feel better are my reasons for aspiring to enter the profession or trade(if I get stuck in a union shop).
  11. K.P.A.

    Thinking of switching major to Nursing.

    Nursing school academic adviser or entry screening person can tell you. I'm a strong advocate of finishing what you start and say...before making a radical change, finish what you started. FWIW, I flunked calculus and then got an A in it. Unlike algebra, geometry, and trig, the Calculus requires a lot of mental adjustment. It's less like puzzle solving and more like learning a new way to think.
  12. K.P.A.

    What did i get myself into?!?

    If that's your spring schedule...suggest you try to find someplace to take the nutrition in fall. It's easy but time consuming and you'll appreciate NOT having it in the spring. If you're good with analytical thinking, A&P 2 is easier than A&P I. If you memorize well, A&P I is easier than A&P 2. If you're good a both...don't sweat it. I couldn't do it...but one of my classmates has 7 children. Another has a full time job. They have no social life but are doing fine with school and clinical.
  13. K.P.A.

    One more old guy headed to LPN school

    You'll never finish if you don't start...
  14. K.P.A.

    Do you still hold doors for women?

    Hold for everyone...but if it's been a while and a young guy is passing through, I'll pass the torch For women...open their doors, tend to their coat, bag, and chair, wait until they are seated, tell them they look good (make a point of noticing hair changes, etc), and listen. -KPA
  15. that a term IUFD could have been hanging around in there for weeks... that the missing toes might still be in the boot... that a vagina full of pennies is a reasonably effective contraceptive...only if they are copper pennies...