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  1. PedsAtHeart

    Hand Sanitizer and Asthma

    It doesn't get to me as bad as it does you, but hand sanitizer bothers me as well. I would actually prefer to go back to the good ol soap and water. I think hand sanitizer is over-used and not as great as what people seem to think. I have a horrible time with cigarette smoke. I was a smoker for about 10 years or so and since I have quit I have horrible wheezing attacks anytime I'm around smoke or even just the smell from clothing. I hate it when patients come in a smell of smoke, can't really say anything to them, but I suffer from it for a good couple of days.
  2. PedsAtHeart

    Need advice choosing where to take RN pre-requ. courses OKC Area

    Seminole and Midwest City are pretty comparable in travel time from Shawnee. I attended Seminole for quite some time until I ran out of things I could take. I'm a single mom who was working full time so evenings/online were all I could take. Rose State offers SO much more for the working person, their schedule just works much better for me. Though Seminole was a good school, no complaints on that part!! oknursinggirl, you can always go back for your BSN. I plan to. I will have to take Chemistry and Micro, but I can do them slowly while working with my ASN. The most important thing to me is to get my RN and start working ASAP, anything after that is an added bonus!
  3. PedsAtHeart

    I made it!

    Thanks everyone!! And good luck avip123!!
  4. PedsAtHeart

    letter to potential ER employer...please read and critique! Thanks

    Maybe so, but, as I said, that is how I was taught. Spell everything out, especially in a professional letter.
  5. PedsAtHeart

    worst death you've seen

    That is so sad But warming at the same time, that their love was that strong!
  6. PedsAtHeart

    letter to potential ER employer...please read and critique! Thanks

    i would leave out abbreviations, such as pals and acls... sure we all know what they mean, but as far as what i was taught, when writing professional letters or resumes you should spell it out and not abbreviate. "if there is anybody else that could give me any direction and/or advice as to how to get to my goal, your help would be greatly appreciated. even if it's just remembering my name :-) ." i would definitely leave this part out. especially the last sentence and the smiley face. i'm sure you are trying to get across some of your personality with this and if it were a letter to a friend it would be just fine, but not in a professional letter to a potential employer. just my ideas.
  7. PedsAtHeart

    worst death you've seen

    I think sometimes nurses do need to get this type of thing out. We are human and we have emotions. Most outsiders would not understand, so I think this thread is good for those who have experienced something horrible and just need an outlet. I have not had to experience much death, though death does not particularly bother me, but the process scares me. Make sense? Other than LTC as an aide, I have not had anyone die under my care. I did, however, have a patient who died and I will never forget him. He was a tiny baby born premature, but healthy and growing. When he was 3 months old his father decided to smash his skull. He spent a few months in a local children's hospital (Bless the nurses who deal with this daily!!!) and was released home with family. We saw him as primary care. He could not see, he could not swallow, he could not move, he was so contractured and stiff. I was scared to death giving him immunizations, afraid he would choke while trying to cry or start seizing. And can you imagine, not being able to see or move or anything then all of a sudden things are being stuck into you?? Ugh... he stayed at home 2 months I think then was moved to a long term childrens hospital where he passed away shortly after his first birthday. This was one of my first experiences like this and I will never ever forget it.
  8. PedsAtHeart

    anyone work in a primary care clinic before?

    While I agree with some of what you are saying, I do not agree with parts. I have worked in primary care since graduating from LPN (not RN) school 8 years ago. I have done everything from internal medicine to pediatrics to Urgent Care and now work independtly in Public Health. Not all places are like you described. I'm wondering if maybe you are working in a crazy urgent care setting?? Not a primary care clinic?? Anyway, my point is, not all primary care settings are like this and I don't think you should discourage a newer nurse from venturing this way. I chose this line of nursing because it was Monday through Friday 8-5 (working peds I didnt always get off at 5, but pretty close) with weekends and holidays off. This was important to me because I am a single mother. The pay is less than you would get at a hospital or LTC, but you have to weigh the pros and cons. Phone calls are crazy, yes you do have to triage a lot. Med refills, referrals, all that plus doing your patient care, which usually consists of checking the patient in and getting vital signs and a brief history and updating whatever needs to be updated in their charts. Injections are frequent. IV's, not so much. You also have to assist the physician with any procedure he/she may do. In peds we did a lot of in office circumcisions, wart and mole removals, toe nail removals, sutures, things like that. If you would like a change of pace, go for it. It is definitely different that hospital nursing.
  9. PedsAtHeart

    RN and a Mother!

    Thanks so much! My daughter was 1 when I went through LPN school, and now she is 10 and my son is 4 as I am starting RN school. I hate missing things with them. My daughter always gets upset because I cannot make her school parties and such. I am so lucky to have wonderful parents who are the greatest grandparents to my children and try to make any event that I am unable to attend. Being a nurse and a parent is a struggle, but we can do it! I just try to make our time together extra special!
  10. PedsAtHeart

    If you are an RN and have kids...

    I live just east of Oklahoma City but have fallen in love with Denton, TX just outside of Dallas. I don't know why, but I love that town. I have to stay there anytime I am in that area. Thats a possible move for me once school is out, I haven't researched it much yet though!! As for having mixed kids, please dont let that stop you! I know a lot of people think of Texas as being country and such, but it is such a melting pot of various cultures! I also have a mixed child and he fits in anywhere!
  11. PedsAtHeart

    This may be a silly question, but I need advice...

    Have you tried G-2 in fine point? I love those pens. Usually go for the bold tipped ones, but when writing in small spaces the fine tipped work great and it is a nice bright black, not that dull gray/black color you get from some pens. I don't really have bad hand writing (not great either) but its pretty legible, however, I am extremely picky when it comes to my pens!
  12. PedsAtHeart

    Standing orders (Please explain)

    Agree with Otessa and elkpark. Anytime I go from standing orders, I also chart such and such per standing order Dr so and so... I would never document telephone order if I did not telephone the Dr. Thats what standing orders are for, so that you can use your nursing judgement and not have to call the physician for every little thing.
  13. PedsAtHeart

    Advice needed (sorry so long lol)

    As much as I love my life as a nurse, I am a mother first and foremost. If leaving work for an emergency with my child means that I will lose my license, then so be it. I can find another career but I cannot replace my children.
  14. PedsAtHeart

    Need advice choosing where to take RN pre-requ. courses OKC Area

    I don't know what other additional classes you would need to take if you are in the regular micro and a&p, or do you mean pre-reqs for those classes? Since I knew I was going to apply for Rose's RN program I just took their intro to clinical micro and their online a&p class. If I ever go on for my BSN i will have to repeat micro (which is OK, the one I took was pretty basic but it did have lab and everything) and I will have to take Phys. (had Anatomy by itself already). Also, in order to get into Phys. I needed Chemistry. Before I could get into Chemistry I needed Algebra. Before I could get into Algebra I had to either take the zero level courses first (I suck at math) or score high enough on my COMPASS test. So, I took the micro I needed to take in order to apply to their program. At Rose, evening classes are 2 nights a week. Seminole they are 4 (unless they have changed). And Rose offers so much more online. I was able to get all my pre reqs done and applied for the first time and was accepted. Cant wait :)
  15. PedsAtHeart

    Working as an LVN during LVN-RN bridge program

    Our's is set up mainly online and with weekend clinicals. So I'm going to get to work my 40 hours a week (mon-fri 8-5) and do my classes online in the evenings (i hope) and do clinicals every weekend! Plus I have 2 small kids at home by myself. Its going to be a crazy year, so I can feel for you!! But we can do it. I am fortunate that my kids have awesome grandparents who want me to accomplish this and are willing to help.