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PedsAtHeart is a LPN and specializes in LPN, Peds, Public Health.

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  1. PedsAtHeart

    Need advice choosing where to take RN pre-requ. courses OKC Area

    I don't know what other additional classes you would need to take if you are in the regular micro and a&p, or do you mean pre-reqs for those classes? Since I knew I was going to apply for Rose's RN program I just took their intro to clinical micro and their online a&p class. If I ever go on for my BSN i will have to repeat micro (which is OK, the one I took was pretty basic but it did have lab and everything) and I will have to take Phys. (had Anatomy by itself already). Also, in order to get into Phys. I needed Chemistry. Before I could get into Chemistry I needed Algebra. Before I could get into Algebra I had to either take the zero level courses first (I suck at math) or score high enough on my COMPASS test. So, I took the micro I needed to take in order to apply to their program. At Rose, evening classes are 2 nights a week. Seminole they are 4 (unless they have changed). And Rose offers so much more online. I was able to get all my pre reqs done and applied for the first time and was accepted. Cant wait :)
  2. PedsAtHeart

    Working as an LVN during LVN-RN bridge program

    Our's is set up mainly online and with weekend clinicals. So I'm going to get to work my 40 hours a week (mon-fri 8-5) and do my classes online in the evenings (i hope) and do clinicals every weekend! Plus I have 2 small kids at home by myself. Its going to be a crazy year, so I can feel for you!! But we can do it. I am fortunate that my kids have awesome grandparents who want me to accomplish this and are willing to help.
  3. PedsAtHeart

    Platt college Tulsa

    I had a DON who swore she would never hire another nurse (LPN) from Platt. But of course, we could have just gotten the bad apple of the class. I am doing an LPN to RN bridge at a state college and its only 2 semesters... why is Platt's 13 months? Is that with pre-reqs included?
  4. PedsAtHeart

    LPN/RN Program

    If I were able to, I would have gone ahead and got my RN first. BUT I was single and a new mom, I needed a better job so I went ahead and did the LPN course. It was full time for 11 months. And have been trying to go back for my RN for about 8 years now! (finally start next month!!) Even doing the bridge you have to have certain pre-reqs done first.
  5. PedsAtHeart

    I made it!

    THANKS!! I am in Oklahoma and I have passed all my pre-req tests and everything so I will be starting in the 3rd semester. So start in January and graduate (if all goes well) in December!
  6. PedsAtHeart

    Need advice choosing where to take RN pre-requ. courses OKC Area

    You can take the courses at Rose that do transfer, you just need to watch which ones you take. They have an Intro to Clinical Microbiology, which is specific for their nursing program. But they also have regular Intro to Micro which will transfer. Same way with anatomy and Physiology. I recommend Rose over Seminole (have attended both) just for the simple fact that Rose has more choices geared toward the working adult, if that affects you. Message me if you have any questions, like I said, I have done both schools. They are both good, but Rose worked better for me and my schedule (I also live in Shawnee!). I am an LPN and start the RN program at Rose in January!
  7. PedsAtHeart

    Low diastolic = 911?

    Ok, I understand being able to hear all the way down to 0. Just didn't see how you could have a start but no stop. My bp is weird... You get a start at the normal 120 or so, then it will stop at about 80, but then start back up at like 60.
  8. PedsAtHeart

    Low diastolic = 911?

    Ok, I'm lost. Call me crazy, but how do you have a systolic and not a diastolic? Does that mean you just heard one "pulse"? I have never encountered this. If you hear a beginning, shouldnt there be an end?
  9. PedsAtHeart

    College Network

    I met with a TCN rep a couple of years ago. It was a high pressure sales call. Only to find out that there are NO sites in the state of Oklahoma (where I live) to do clinicals and I would have to spend 1 weekend (really?? only 3 days of clinical for a BSN??) doing clinicals at some small hospital in Texas. THEN once I graduated I would have to do an extra 30+ hours clinicals in Oklahoma to be eligible to sit for boards. Seriously?? And they wanted over $10,000 for this? I decided right then and there this was not for me and seemed awful suspicous that OK had no clinical sites for this program. SOoooo... I start for my ASN next month, going online at a State University here by my home, doing clinicals weekly here in Oklahoma. And paying much much less.
  10. PedsAtHeart

    Do you take Ativan ?

    I WISH it were that easy... I have tried that approach over and over. I was in a horrible/abusive relationship and even once it was over was still tormented by him. I laid awake at night listening for any unusual noises, any car driving by, any head lights, etc. Now it is 2 years later and I still can't sleep. Ativan helps. Sometimes.
  11. PedsAtHeart

    Do you take Ativan ?

    Yes. I have anxiety issues which get really bad when I'm trying to go to sleep. Things roll through my head constantly and sleeping pills just really don't work for me. As long as it is taken as RX'd and not abused its ok. I wouldnt know if I would want to take it before going to work though, it does not knock me out, but does have sedating effects and can cause memory loss. Best to start out on your days off and see how your body reacts to it.
  12. PedsAtHeart

    I made it!

    So finally after 8 years of being an LPN (which I have loved) I start RN school next month. I am doing a bridge course so I only have the last year of the RN program to do. I'm so excited but so nervous too!! Just had to share my news :)
  13. PedsAtHeart

    Advice needed (sorry so long lol)

    Is your daughter quite young? I would also suggest taking a leave of absence. I had my first child when I was 19 and single. I had a c-section and was in the hospital for 2 weeks afterward. I had no one to help me (I was quite sick) so my mom would work during the day and stay with me at night and my dad took FMLA to stay with me at the hospital during the day. Might be wise to go ahead and take LOA because if she is young and you are her only source of support then she is going to need you during those times. Good luck.
  14. PedsAtHeart

    home remedies you would NEVER try

    If you dye your hair and it happens to get on your skin and stains it, you can take cigarette ashes and add a drop of water, mix together and use it and it will take the hair dye right off. The lady that does my hair told me about this after we did a black hair dye and my forehead and ears were covered, but it works!! I have also done the toothpaste on pimples trick. Worked for me. It helps dry them out so that they will heal and go away.
  15. PedsAtHeart

    what makes a good nurse?

    I was once shy... then I became a nurse :)
  16. PedsAtHeart

    My patient takes ibuprofen for sinus congestion!

    I also frequently take Ibuprofen when my sinuses are bothering me. It decreases the swelling, which in turn decreases the pain and discomfort. I rarely ever even get antibiotics, most of the time they are not needed. Most sinus infections will clear up on their own... eventually. They are miserable though! I had sinus surgery about 5 years ago and its one of the best things I ever did!

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