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So, I go to get a patient from the lobby. She's a chronic low back pain, low acuity, recently seen for same with instructions to follow up with her PCP, returning today. Ambulates with steady gait to room. I ask if she'd... Read More

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    My radar would have been up on having to retrieve the patient from the lobby. Really? you couldn't find it on your own? What could possibly be wrong that they can't "make it to the department" and they were just seen recently. Me, personally, I would not allow this patient to get onto the stretcher all by themselves. One can never tell how many "falls" occur when a patient who is in such "significant pain" attemos to "jump" onto the stretcher "with out any help" in their condition. :icon_roll I would take "Does this go any lower?" and code for "I'm in such pain and I need your help....I might fall and hurt myself"

    I wouldn't trust this person to keep themself from "falling" and injuring themself enough that a good out of court settlement couldn't cure. It is unfortunate that we need to protect ourselves from people in general, but we really do....especially manipulative ones that are out looking for a problem, and there are quite a few. Man it drives me NUTS.

    I would have confronted the patient politely and showed all the proper concern about who this mystery person is and when did this happen becasue I was the one who escorted them to the room and helped them be comfortable by adjusting the head before leaving to have the MD to see them and how I just can't imagine who the person is that she described as no one working bears that description.

    It's all a game and one I intend on winning by always being the better player....
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    At first I was sympathizing with the patient, since I have gone to the ER and the urgent care several times for back pain and yes, it can be very difficult to maneuver one's own stiff, spasming, painful body onto.
    However, then I realized that I would have simply stayed standing or, as one commenter mentioned, come back into to hallway to ask (whimper?) for assistance.
    However, I don't think I was walking with anything near a normal gait any of those times.
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    Oh dementia onset. How lovley....also learned wonderful....and a slight dash of victimization....and too many Oprah viewings. The USA is a dying thing.
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    If I know patients are misrepresenting facts, I correct them. I say something like, "excuse me, I think you are misremembering the sequence of events. In fact, here is the record of your prescription fills right here. Let's both refresh our memories." -Or whatever. I don't accuse them of lying, I always give them an out, confusion, misremembering, mix-ups, etc. They take it every.single.time. No one is fooled, of course, but it neatly sidesteps conflict.
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    I don't let them get away with it, but like others have said, keep it neutral and give them an out in case their memory automatically improves.

    Pt's like this make me so angry. We had one 70 yr old woman that had been downgraded from ICU to Med/Surg. We needed to move her from the ICU bed to Med/Surg. She liked her room and was dropping the F bomb every other word because we were kicking her out of 'her' room. She even grabbed my badge and told me she knew how to fill out a complaint. Ugh,,the old bat. I lost it and told her to put my last name on it as well and spelled it for her. I then packed up her sorry, wrinkly body and moved her to Med/Surg..

    So..I feel for you. People like that can keep your temper simmering all day.
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    I would just let it go.... If she files she files. You clearly did not do anything wrong.
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    Quote from Kittypower123
    I work in an LTC/SNF and my favorite was the resident with PRN pain med (who wanted it the second she could get it) who told me she was going to call the administrator because she shouldn't have to wait just because someone fell in the next room.
    You reminded me of my pt who was mad she had to wait because the lady down the hall died.
    Good times
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    I, personally, am always amused when pts complain about me... to me... because they have forgotten who I am.
    Yes, they typically do lie (or are demented or delusional or whatever) and make up some ridiculous scenario that in no way, shape or form ever happened.
    It is truly interesting to hear about the atrocities I supposedly committed just moments before.
    I play the game.
    I tell the pt how awful that nurse must have been and "I'll go find out who that was!"...

    Funny... but I never hear about it again from the pt.
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    A majority of the AO3 patients I see could bennifet from an extensive psych consult.
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    Depending on how I was feelign I would confront her. These are the type of patients that go and complain and are beleived by managment. Why shouldn't management/administration believe them afterall.
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