One huge reason I want to be a nurse

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    OK. So I'm probably pretty atypical for a nursing student. I am a retired USAF aviator after 22 years and probably don't HAVE to do much of anything more with my life. I'm 46 and decided it is too early to "hang up my spurs". So, after much thought and consideration, I'm enrolling in an accelerated BSN program this summer. Should have my BSN in Mar of 2015. Anyway, a friend posted this video on FB today and it nicely sums up a large part of my motivation for wanting to be a nurse.

    Also, I don't know anyone at Cleveland Clinic and they aren't paying me to post this. I just like the video. What do you all think?
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    It's a lovely video. I will admit that I didn't watch the entire thing - couldn't take it. It reminded me of the Johnson & Johnson fairy tale commercials about nurses.

    Maybe someone could strap a camera to a med/surg nurse's head for a Nurse-Cam commercial for nursing? A single episode of that and most nursing students would run screaming from their labs and classrooms.

    Ok now, bring on the nursing students who will call me a cynical, jaded, need-to-retire old bat.
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    Beautiful video! And a great reminder to us to remember how our patients might be feeling when we are getting bogged down in all we have to do!

    Good luck to you! I'm sure you'll make a great nurse!
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    Ok now that I have finished crying lol. I think it was a lovely video and it encompassed a lot of how I always tried to think of my patients. I would say I enjoyed that they included co-workers in there, as that was one place I often forgot about when it came to empathy. I think it is a great reason to be a nurse and it is possible to gain a wonderful perspective on living and dying
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    Thank you for sharing that. It was beautiful! mc3
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    Loved it.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    That was a nice video, and oh so true. Everyone has a story, too bad so often we are so busy we don't have the time to hear them.
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    I really like this video.

    Several times in the last 45 years could I have been one of those people...

    We all have stories and each of us deserves compassion... though I freely admit that I sometimes struggle to dredge any up.

    This job can suck the soul out of a person... the challenge is to maintain strong boundaries while still being able find compassion for the circumstances of somebody else, even if they created them themselves.

    Some of the stories that I hear from my patients are heart-wrenching... as might my own be one day.

    mrnightinggale, if you've got the brains, judgement, and work ethic to be an Air Force aviator - and a heart that is touched by a video like this - I welcome you into this fraternity.
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    Awwww...enjoy the ride and keep that compassion for as long as you possibly can!
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    Are you kidding with this video?
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