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    What is the oldest nurse you've worked with?

    I just found out I worked with a nurse that is 95 years old. ( She works 3 -12's a week on a busy med-surg floor.) HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!! I thought she was in her 50's and she told me that she was 95. She has been at this facility as a nurse for 83 years. She started when she was 12. She also has two teenage foster children. Talk about stamina. :bowingpur

    This nurse can run rings around me and everyone else on the floor while looking nice in her make-up and hair. I asked when she would retire. She said,"when they carry me to the funeral home." I can only hope I have the energy she does at her age.
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    You thought she was in her 50s but she's 95? She must look darn good(I cannot imagine a 95 year old willing to work, let alone do 12-hr shifts). She HAS to be pulling your leg!
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    She showed me her license. She looks great!! I thought she was 59, maybe 62 at the oldest. Boy, was I shocked. Plus, she just got a certificate of recognition for her years of service at the facility.
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    The oldest nurse I work with is 72 and she's retiring in a few years. She only works 2 12 hour shifts and has been with my hospital for close to 50 years. I cannot imagine working at the age of 95. I have to agree with the above poster, I think she's pulling your leg
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    The oldest nurse I have ever worked with was 67. However, I have heard of nurses quite a bit older still practicing. The obstetrical nurse that had my daughter and grandchild as patients earlier this year looked to be in her 70s. Not to say she was a wreck or anything but to old to be in her 60s and to young to be in her 80s. OK, maybe she was 69.
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    Oldest I have worked with was 82y/o and bless her soul was one of the finest and most brillant I have ever met. She told me stories of boiling thier needles and syringes for use. She worked circles around us "young folk" as she called us. This was in Kentucy in a very rural area. She continued to work full-time in ICU until her passing. My mom is 81y/o and still works full-time nights shift (4-10's) in a factory on the production line. Her attitude is that everyone she knows who has retired has died shortly after thier retirement. Not only that the measly $500.00/mo social security doesnt pay her bills.
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    i'll just be happy to be walking around at 95... heck to be alive at 95!
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    We have a 80 year old supervisor that works every now and then. She is awesome. We also have a 70 year old supervisor that teaches - also awesome. My charge nurse just retired at 65 and she was the best. We have two per diem CNAs that are over 65 and can still work circles around the best.
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    I know that sometimes workers put off retirement for financial reasons, or want to keep working to fulfill the need to be productive and contributory, but I think working three twelve-hour shifts/week on MedSurg at 95 years of age is excessive and silly... and somebody saw you coming and started ribbing you right off the bat.

    She started working in that same hospital as a nurse... at age 12?
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    There is a charge nurses on the med surg floor who is 72yrs and looks great. I was shocked when I found out she was in her 70's

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