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  1. I worked on a med-surge floor with a nurse that was 79. She RAN circles around me. I only hope I am still breathing at that age, much less working. :)
  2. I told my children it had to be blood, bones, and brains before they could wake me up. They burst in because one had fallen on his bike and hit his head. My son said, "Mom, this time it is blood, bones, and I think BRAIN!"
  3. KY RN

    mandatory designated quiet time

    My hospital used to have set visiting times. Now, the hospital has a new policy that anybody can visit at any time. The hospital cites the new CMS rules for this new policy. Of course, this is so fun when a patient is in a semi-private room and decides to have 20 zillion visitors at 0330. Of course, the other patient in the semi-private room would love to sleep but cannot due to all the noise from the neighboring patient. http://beyondhealthcarereform.com/2011/01/cms-publishes-new-rule-requiring-equal-visitation-rights/
  4. This is an accurate assesment of today's healthcare system.
  5. KY RN

    Feels like a slap in the face...

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. Did the external applicants,perhaps, know the hiring manager?
  6. KY RN

    No prenatal care?!

    Prenatal care is generally a "Westernized" idea. My husband is from a Central American country. Most of his friends who have immigrated here do not know what the idea of prenatal care is and really think it is unneeded. I have had to drive the wives to clinics, seek financial assistance and educate the husbands about the necessity of prenatal care. In some countries, it is rare to find prenatal care. In some cultures, prenatal care is mistrusted due to past histories of abuse by physiscians. Also, there is an issue of cost and insurance. I had no insurance and did not qualify for any type of medical assistance when I was pregnant due to making a whopping $10.00 an hour. I ended up with a 15,000 hospital bill that took ten years to pay off.
  7. KY RN

    Remind me why I do this

    You do it for the money. Oh wait, I think I just ate some funny mushrooms on my pizza! Seriously, you do it, because you are superwoman :dancgrp: and you can change some elderly resident's life, one day at a time.
  8. KY RN

    Tubal Ligation Failure

    My children are 14(twins), 6, & 2.
  9. KY RN

    Tubal Ligation Failure

    Yes, I had an ultrasound. It's definetly in the uterus and looks to be viable. I've had all kinds of tests just to make sure. I'm upset because I like things planned out and want to be able to support my children well. My husband says we'll throw more water in the beans and the kids can go to community college. He is happy. Some posters said they couldn't have children and I understand this from my experience with my sister's infertility. It is devastating emotionally. I love all of my children and provide very well for them financially. I just worry about the expense of a 5th child at my age. I do not want to short change any of my children. I grew up in a family of 8 and we had hand me downs and lived a thread bare existence.
  10. KY RN

    Tubal Ligation Failure

    :uhoh3:How often does female sterilization fail? Has anyone had this happen to them? How did they feel? I just found out I am pregnant and I'm very upset. I have 4 kids and underwent tubal ligation two years ago. I'm pushing 40 and I'm not thrilled with the idea of another child. I felt like my family was complete. Because of my beliefs, I wouldn't have an abortion but I don't feel happy about this child. Do other people feel this way?
  11. Sing loud in the car on the way home, make faces at all the kids on the schoolbus at the stoplights, come home, hop in the shower, get out and eat a bowl of oatmeal, lay in bed and watch Law&Order CI, and fall asleep by 10:00A.M. up at 3:00P.M. to get kids from school.
  12. Toilet Paper My A** - triscupid, pulmonic, mitral , aortic valves
  13. KY RN

    Saying No

    Think about it like this. "I work to live. I don't live to work."
  14. KY RN

    Walkie Talkie pt. that tanked.

    No, I did not cath him. He came to my floor and was there 14 hrs after surgery and had a foley cath placed on dayshift. When dayshift placed the Foley they got 1000cc. When he started having large amounts of drainage, I D/C the foley and did a swab of his urethral opening. When I D/C the foley, he had no urine output for 2 hours. I waited 8 hrs and he had not had any urine output and I called the Dr. The Dr. said to ambulate him and he only put out 100 cc. Then he tanked 45 minutes later.
  15. KY RN

    Walkie Talkie pt. that tanked.

    Nothing implanted. Just an analrectoplasty. Bi carb was 24. CO2 was 36
  16. KY RN

    Walkie Talkie pt. that tanked.

    Yeah, I would like to know what happened too. I go back Sat. to work. Hopefully, I'll find out.