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PICNICRN has 14 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PICU/NICU.

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  1. OG tube aspiration with ET tube in place?

    Did she have a leak? Did you check a cuff pressure? The cuff is not always inflated as much as it should be, but does not cause problems with ventilation so we don't worry about it. And even if it is, like the above post says, the OG can migrate with...

    Ya know..... he could just as easily say the meds in question must be yours- after all, you did live together! Let it go- you seem to have done enough to ruin him for now.
  3. R/O Seizures

    How about the 'hand over the face'?? Usually I try this with our "unresponsive kiddos, but it has worked with some "seizure" pts. But like I said... ours are a little less mature.
  4. Who else has passed out?

    I was just thinking about this the other day..... When I was in nursing school, I was 3 of 3 for passing out during my "OR experience"! Normally I took afternoon clinicals because I was not a morning person- first time was a cataract same day surgery...
  5. R/O Seizures

    Our "seizure fakers" are a little smaller and not as "mature" as yours most likely are. I usually try the holding down of one limb or part of a limb- if I am able to, or the original type of movement of the limb changes or weakens... not a seizure. A...
  6. IV insertion area guidelines

    I couldn't find anything about not using a chest vein either. In our world, if you have a good blood return and it flushes well- use it! I'd imagine that some might think that you might not be able to see if it would infiltrate. But trust me- if you...
  7. IV insertion area guidelines

    I think we are a little different in the Pediatric population in that we use feet, scalp, legs, groin, ect all the time- and I prefer the saph to any upper extrem vein in most cases. I've even seen one placed in the abdomen until central access was o...
  8. Is This Possible??

    Off topic>>>>>> I wish I could loose 27 lbs in 4 days!!!
  9. Advice, Seasoned RN going into pediatrics!

    Yes.... the SNATs(suspected non-accidental traumas) are by far the worst thing I deal with day to day.There is just no way make sense of it in your brain. That being said, it is not every day. And the ones who get better and go home far out- weigh t...
  10. Is This Possible??

    Mostly all of our pts are weighed in bed also, one thing that I have learned to do is when I do the initial weight is to put a note taped to the bed that says- "pt weighed with crib sheet, X amount blankets, leads, vent tubing, ect"- whatever the cas...
  11. Advice, Seasoned RN going into pediatrics!

    Don't worry, if you are going to a national leader in Peds care you will receive a good orientation! They will make sure of it! That being said.... I suggest brushing up on your "norms" for vitals, and basic calculations- we do TONS of calculations ...
  12. Febrile Interventions

    You absolutely DO NOT want to "ice" a child or infant- I cannot speak for an adult patient- however I cannot imagine that the pathophys is any different. Ice baths/ cooling the core temp rapidly will produce the "shivering" effect! What does this do?...
  13. Question about Play

    Like the above post said.... kids who are vented are kept nicely sedated, could even be in a pentobarb coma with the seizures- who knows. I do know that the kid would most likely not be up for play. How about some music therapy??? Ask the parents wh...
  14. Please help. . . And quickly!!!

    2 days of orientation is CRAZY!! When I was a new grad it received 6 mnths- I know it is a different specialty- but 2 days! This is an accident waiting to happen- IMHO. I can rememeber my first few days of orientation... my preceptor had to remind me...
  15. HIPAA dilemna continues

    Exactly as the above poster said!! They, as your employer ,would be required to report this if they actually think you are diverting. Obviously, they do not and cannot prove it.... they are bluffing you so that you will resign. Sounds like you are be...