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PICNICRN has 14 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PICU/NICU.

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    Pediatric Code Carts in ED and pt weight

    All three Children's hospitals I have worked have used the Braslow cart in the ED and a Pedi cart in the rest of the house- as you said- we already know the weight. Braslow is the standard of care, I believe. Now, I could see them not liking that you use the tape without the actual Braslow cart that it was meant for. As for standardization, that really does not make any sense to me either- you cannot compare ED to the rest of the house. That being said, I work at a children's hospital trauma center and all of our traumas go directly to us in the PICU and bypass the ED completely. We almost never know the weight with these kids and usually EMS has already "estimated" a weight when they hand off the kid. Technically, we use the 2X(age+4) to estimate and dose from there.

    Pediatric Code Carts in ED and pt weight

    I'm a little confused- were you cited because you had the tape but not the cart itself??

    How nursing has changed over the years...

    Back in the day.... there was a list of all the NICU staff who were 0 neg blood type. When a baby needed transfused- O- nurse sat down and they pulled off 20mls and gave it right to the baby.

    Why am I responsible for the dirty blanket???

    Got news for ya...... Unfortunately, it's not just LTC I feel your pain!!

    Refusal of Brain Death exam??

    Well..... after the first brain death exam- we stopped escallating any care- no titrating gtts up, no labs, no meds, ect ect. These parents were not saying "do everything"- just would not accept brain death-so....Since she was already DNR- her body went very quickly and she had cardiac death pretty quickly from there. Family was all there including their religious leaders- they did a ceremony and stayed with the body for a very long time. Very sad.

    It's not what you know it's Who you know......

    Problem is.... that 3K is for a position that is hard to fill, usually. And who do they want to fill it with? Someone experienced- especiallly if they are paying a 3K referal.

    what is the best/worst specialty docs to work with...

    I would have to agree with the above. Now, I work in the world of kids and for the most part all of the docs I encounter are pretty great to work with but there is just a special something about the Pedi Orthopods--- usually quite arrogant group of folks. And ONLY concerned about the bones!! Did you guys ever hear that joke?? What is the Orthopedic's definition of the heart??........ It is the organ that pumps the ancef to the bones!!

    what?...q 15 NIBPs with an art line???

    Ok, lets see if I can clarify the whole "correlation" thing. I can only speak for my self..... I was taught that, as many have already stated, your A line is your gold standard- that IS your accurate B/P- provided it zeroed appropriately, ect,ect. By "correlating" you are checking to see how close your cuff is to your A line- does it always run 10 higher, is it all over the place?? Then.... if something happens to your A-line- you kinda have some idea where you stand until you can fix your A line problem. I guess what I am trying to say is that I think when people use the phrase "correlate" they not speaking about the accuracy of the Arterial pressure, but the accuracy of the cuff as compared to the arterial pressure. Does that make any sense? Maybe I'm just rambling???

    FNP needing a change

    Yes.... There is a PCCNP- Pediatric Critical Care Nurse Practitioner track that is not found everywhere, you'd have to do a search(Our PCCNPs were trained in Chicago, but I cannot remember which University- DePaul maybe??? I couldn't be sure). They are trained for Pediatric Intensive Care- focus on the ICU/cardiac component. Then there is an Acute Care PNP- which hase focus more on the "hospitalized child" as opposed to the PNP. But still not critical care based.

    Is this common at your facility?

    I can totally see your point... I mean there are a hospital full of DOCTORS there 24 hours a day. Why not just have a Doc come and place those lines ect??? I do agree.

    Is this common at your facility?

    To run a code- intubate and place lines is not out of the scope if the RN is trained to do so. Think about transport teams... I did transports and was trained to intubate, place lines, art sticks ect.,needle a chest, ect. I am "just" and RN and was totally within my scope because I worked from a protocol of Dr's orders. These "code nurses" are following ACLS algorythms and a standing set of Dr. orders. I don't see a huge problem. And remember- you are in a hospital, surgeons, anesthesia, intensivists are all page away.

    6 hour blood transfusion

    Did you premed?

    getting back on the horse after a year away

    If you liked the ED then go back! I took almost 1 year off for a high risk pregnancy then maternity leave. I went right back to my job in the unit .... it's like riding a bike. You have all the knowledge, you'll be fine!

    Triage/Peds Scenario Questions

    Good luck to you!! It has been so long since I have had to take this kind of "test"...... just remember your ABC's always think airway first!! In whatever situation they give you think ABC's and go from there. Remember that almost all of pediatric "codes" are respiratory arrest leading to cardiac arrest as opposed to adults. Also remember to think about "family centered care" include developmental assessment . Good Luck

    What all do nurse recruiters do??

    Sounds like you are a great fit for the position...many times nurse recruiters are not even nurses at all but have a background like your own. From what I understand, they recruit nurses-meaning they know where to look, place ads, ect. They usually do the initial interview and then follow up with HR/Dept Manager on the potential hire. Honestly, this is usually not an easy job to get. Sounds like, from your background, you will do well! Congrats

    Sleep Deprivation

    Valerian root.... you can buy it at a Whole Foods type store. Put a couple drops in some warm water(google it) follow your "sleep hygine" and it works like wonders! DOES NOT make you groggy in the am. I guess combined with the melatonin it is even better for regulating sleep- although I've never tried the two together.