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it used to be that you could go to work and do your shift and feel like you accomoplished something, nowadays it is nearly impossibleto complete all your tasks let alone spend any quality time with the patient.... Read More

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    Quote from lawandaluxnurse
    I have worked those jobs, I started in the dishroom at my old hospital and worked my way up, sorry but I am an Rn and I work just as hard as the CNAs. I just as much physical work as they do. Don't get me wrong i appreciate everyone on the team but saying nurses don't work hard struck a cord, most days I run mr but off to please patients, family, those employees who will die without a smoke break, well guess what, I NEVER TAKE A BREAK BECAUSE I HAVE WORK TO DO, MOST OF THE TIME ITS MINE AND THE CNAS BECAUSE THEY CANNOT BE FOUND!!
    Do you not have the authority to write the CNAs up? This may be the fix to your pent up frustration!
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    Quote from lawandaluxnurse
    it used to be that you could go to work and do your shift and feel like you accomoplished something, nowadays it is nearly impossibleto complete all your tasks let alone spend any quality time with the patient.
    Today I worked with a recent organ transplant recipient who was progressing extremely well.

    I had another patient with gastroenteritis who was advancing his diet without pain or nausea. His MD daughter spent the entire day telling me how incompetent I and his medical team were and how we were screwing up his case. All this while the patient ate, showered, and hung out with his wife in total comfort compared to the day before.

    My third patient was a complicated case that came down to anxiety and failure to thrive. She and her family berated me and everyone else all day how she was doing terrible. She was walking in the hall, up in her chair for meals, getting back and forth to the bathroom with assist. Two days ago, she was immobile, refusing to move even an inch and incontinent. I had chased the family out and got the patient to get out of bed with "maximum encouragement." I got her up and going after she refused PT and kept her skin from breaking down. Still, i had played "bad cop" all week so she, her husband, and her 11 kids hated me and were kind enough to let me know it every chance they got.

    She went home today.

    This is a great job, a hard job, I am good at it and I am proud to tell people I am an RN.
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    After much thought and frustration, I have decided that I will not renew my nursing license next year. I am tired of being told that I need more experience, more education (BSN and above), remedial courses, etc. to get a job so that I can be mistreated and marginalized. I will perhaps try PA school in the future. The leaders of nursing are not leading nursing-they are being pushed and shoved by forces such as doctors and other health care professionals and they can't or won't protect nursing. It was enough to have a RN, now they want a BSN (no matter how worthless the content of the classes). It was Ok to have a Masters to be an APRN, now its a DNP and no one cares about the experience or the quality of the education. The DNP is being looked at by MDs and they are working to marginalize that degree (don't call yourself "doctor"). It's OK to be called "Doctor" if you have a PhD in a "medically related field" or even Psychology. But not nurses. I have a BA and Masters and I will not waste another dime on further training or education in nursing. There is no where to go where you don't feel conflict-either from MDs or from other nurses. As a PA student, I do 2 years and I am done. I can change careers without having to spend more money-I learn on the job and get paid for it. As a nurse, I have to "invest" in BSN classes, then MSN and then DNP all to get the same salary - a lot less time and a lot less money and as a PA, I don't have to deal with other nurses who want to be mean to each other to make themselves feel important. Come next year- I am out!
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    Quote from Born_2BRN
    I don't know if any of you agree but I like nursing. I feel I can do more in my career feel if I don't like bedside. As I have planned to go pursue higher education becoming FNP. There are people work harder than you get paid less. Think about the CNAs, housekeepers or food service. They work along side you but get paid way less. I like working 12hrs shift vs 8. I feel I have supportive colleagues when I need help. I had worked in a place LTC where I dreaded go to work. I am much happier now.
    while i appreciate my CNAs, housekeepers, and food service people, I am still responsible for several human lives during the course of my shift and they are not.
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    I am also tired of begging for adequate staff! They staff based on numbers and not acuity. I'm tired of being a nurse, secretary, tech, respiratory and whatever else all at the same time while still being yelled at because i forgot to do chart checks at the end of the day. I can see how nurses get burnt out real fast.
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    Quote from Katie82
    Nursing is still the most admired profession in public polls. Folks generally see nurses as overworked, underpaid, and selfless in their devotion to patient care. As a 30-year veteran, I have seen nursing make many transitions, mostly for the good. What disturbs me now is the overmarketing of the profession by schools who see nursing programs as a cash cow. I see many men and women entering the profession because they see it as a steady job with good money. Nursing is still a calling.... folks who think they are getting an easy ride to quick success need to stay out of nursing. I'm tired of hearing students say that they have chosen nursing for the job market or money (let's face it- where else can you come out of a 2-yr college program and enter the market making $50K to start?) We need to leave nursing to the folks who are ready to accept it as it is: hard work, poor working conditions, long hours, and underappreciation from management. The nurses who can't take the heat are dragging us all down...
    i don't know where your from but I don't make $50k a year to start much less after 17 years.
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    I edited my other posts because they sounded ridiculous..

    Anyways- op, I hope it gets better for you!
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    Quote from nurse2033
    You need to find a job that works for you. I feel that many of the problems in nursing today are the lack of competent management. I have had nursing jobs that I loved and hated. I've got two good ones right now, good luck.
    AMEN...100 times over!!!!
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    Quote from mombabyRN96
    i don't know where your from but I don't make $50k a year to start much less after 17 years.
    Most RN jobs start at 24 -25 bucks an hour minimum. At 40 hours a week, that comes out to 50 k a year.
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    Quote from kylestimenow
    I'm a CNA in a nursing home, and all the nurses there just seem miserable. It sorta discourages me as a nursing student. I'm just trying to keep my head up and look at the positives!!
    Guess what? Many were miserable in the 1980's so there's something to be said for consistency. *LOL*

    Think the main problem is there aren't as many if any outlets these days. Even if one did find another gig it may not pay as well as a steady nursing job (assuming one has such a thing). Back in the 1980's nurses were leaving to work for insurance companies, start or run homecare/nurse's services, and so forth. Anything to get away from the bedside.
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