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  1. Dana1969

    Holy Names University in Oakland

    Wildnurse, the only motive I have is to relate the horrible experience I had at HNU. There were 110 students in my section, without even enough chairs for everyone. I had to sit on the floor, and take notes on my lap (and there were two other satelli...
  2. Dana1969

    I am broken

    At my hospital, certain nurses enjoy privileges like enhanced promotability and better access to training by virtue of membership in a vertically integrated ethnic group. It sucks, but it's reality. I try to be friends with everyone and help out when...
  3. Dana1969

    I am broken

    Broken...the CEO just posted an Executive Memorandum stating that we are going to have to "do a lot more with a lot less." So broken, can't sleep anymore. The years go by and I watch young women get promoted up the ladder while I do four jobs and get...
  4. Dana1969

    HELP! I'm being pressured to lie at work...

    Let me give an actual example, PCEA (Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia). A patient comes from PACU with a PCEA after a hip/knee replacement. Specialty RNs assigned to the hip/knee unit are given 10-14 days training on the care of there patients. ...
  5. Dana1969

    Magnet(TM) Certification- Cost-effective?

    Magnet = Mud-Net Driving nurses into the ground, before the altar of Corporate Greed.
  6. Dana1969

    I am broken

    I am broken I have been overrun, under-supported, and run into the ground. The patient's on my unit are so heavy, and we are so understaffed that my objective each day is to just keep them alive and unharmed. I can't get supplies, administrative supp...
  7. Dana1969

    Holy Names University in Oakland

    For preceptor placement, you are completely on your own. They stress this from the first day of orientation. They strongly advise you to begin your preceptor search upon enrolling, as failure to obtain a satisfactory preceptor placement by the deadli...
  8. Dana1969

    Holy Names University in Oakland

    I applied and was accepted to HNU's FNP program but was floored by what I saw there during orientation. Inadequate staffing and facilities, the books weren't even available in the bookstore even though the term had started. MBA2RN's comments are righ...
  9. Dana1969

    Asking back for job...

    I gotta say I'm with RNsRWe on this one. The manager fired you for a reason. If you think four years and a new degree change anything, it doesn't. Having a new shiny new BSN isn't going to change that reason. Move on and find something better. Good L...
  10. Dana1969

    Common nicknames for hospital items.

    B52 = Benadryl 50mg + Haldol 2mg Depth Charge = Prune Juice + Milk of Mag @ss-Cannon = Go-Lytely or Mag Citrate Twist & Shout = Q2Hours Turn Orders (at Night) Code Brown/Chili Bed = BM Vitamin H = Haldol Vitamin A = Ativan Walkie - Talkie = A Sel...
  11. Dana1969

    fairmont hospital, san leandro, ca

    I've seen pts discharged to that facility, and it is called "acute rehab" in the discharge documentation. Because it is rehab, it doesn't fall under the CA pt-ratios. I've heard they work their RNs to the bone.
  12. Dana1969

    Nursing: Not A Recession-Proof Career

    I have seen "in-sourcing" used extensively at my hospital in the SF Bay area. I work NOC shift, med-surg and many nights I'm the only native born English speaking nurse on the unit. I can go all night hearing Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu, Mandarin, and vario...
  13. Dana1969

    Nursing sucks

    I only have four years in, but I feel completely burned out. I've lost 35 pounds, running my behind off on a busy med-surg/stroke unit. My boss is an ogre, the senior nurses are all her "spies" who run to her with half-truths, innuendo, and bald face...
  14. Dana1969

    Who the Heck Am I Now??

    Thank you for the wonderful post. It is inspirational. But don't fuss and fret over the label of a "diagnosis". You are still the light you have always been, before and after the labeling. I don't except the stimatism of "Psychiatric Illness." There ...
  15. Dana1969

    How powerful are hospital unions?

    Our union (CNA) has zero power in our facility. During the last contract negotiation, two the four nurses on the bargaining team were summarily fired (given the choice of submitting their two week notices, or being terminated that day). I worked with...