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  1. tarotale

    Nursing and Michelangelo

    Not being negative Nancy but I throw in different perspective than others. When I saw the question what exactly is nursing, I immediately thought "ant work". When we see an abnormal lab result, I don't think we are seeing a piece of rock that Angelo could use to carve into a masterpiece. It's a problem that needs fixing, which requires more of my time and labor, and that's that. A demented pt on drips in er trying to take out her iv, "Jesus Christ restraints and q1hr charting great!" I can't really think how art and nursing can be any related, again please be noted I'm not attacking you, but nursing is not very graceful, or majestic, or artistic at all. It's just tough work for tough people.
  2. tarotale

    Nursing: The Financial Side

    it seems like people in US pretty much live their young lives just to live for retirement... no offense, but just that's what it seems like to me. I probably will live somewhere else outside country when I am old, using my skills to service others;
  3. Hi, guys and gals; the summer is here and I would be darn scared to let my nursing edges disappear from lack of studying over this summer. I was in level 1 last semester and I passed Pharm and Health Assessment, but didn't pass Nursing competencies; so I need to take it again next semester. I looked into few books on amazon, and seems like any nclex review books for nursing seems to serve me well, but I want to ask some questions here on what books you could recommend me so I can read/study and hone my nursing skills over the summer especially so I can pass Nursing competencies. Thank you all for your inputs and good-will to help others. Have nice day.
  4. tarotale

    I NEED to know learn how to study for nursing classes!

    dang, i can't believe how i never thought of doing practice questions. yal are right. it feels like no matter how much you put studying into it, if you don't think like "they" do (nurses and instructors), you will never get it. My upper classmen are telling me that the biggest problem is over-studying b/c it causes students to over-analyze and think too much. I will find every resources possible to do this practice questions. Thank you all!
  5. hello guys and gals. the reason i am writing this (first post) is b/c i have failed nursing competencies class (nursing school level 1). first level students in my nursing school take phamacology, health assessment, and nursing competencies. i had rough time this semester mostly b/c everythign is just so different; test taking especially. you all been through this, so you know what i am talking about. i have got the grasp of pharm and health assessment a little bit, so i think i might pass these two, but i totally failed nursing competencies. i don't know why though. i studied hardcore, and i swear that i knew everything that was on the notes and what was covered in lecture. i can say i studied really hard, putting my soul into it. and i still failed the exam, so i must confirm that my method of studying is way off and my method of test taking skills is off also. please, i can't handle the fact that i am incapable. i can't live with that. i want to do better. so please help me how i should study for nursing competencies and just how to study for all classes and do excellent in tests. i still can't believe i have to retake nursing comp next year after all that studying i did, but it happened b/c my method is wrong. i need to change quick to what works. please help me. thank you very much. uttsn.