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  1. ak2190

    Tips for a dementia pt who worries all night long?

    Xanax or Ativan? *Whisper that into a nurse's ear.
  2. ak2190

    Now THAT'S a lab result

    HGB of 1.6. Young woman who came in walkie talkie with major complaint of feeling "a little weak". O_O She was discharged home (alive) a few days later after many units of blood.
  3. ak2190

    Homework interview needed!!!!!

    Honestly, if I had known of allnurses when I was in nursing school, I'd probably have dug out old threads/posts by some ahem *crusty* members and molded them into an "interview".
  4. ak2190

    When you just don't want to go to work....

    I think about the paycheck, and the fact that I'm glad to be employed as a useful member of society and that I'll be able to pay the bills and help out my elderly parents with their bills this month. And that it probably won't be so bad once I get there and I can do anything for 12 hours.
  5. ak2190

    How long is your commute?

    10 minutes (and it would be less without traffic lights), I live a couple streets away from the hospital I work in. In the past, I've driven over an hour each way to get to work. I have to say, this non-commute has done wonders for my quality of life on the days I work.
  6. ak2190

    Help Me Get Excited About My Shift to Night Shift!

    I also started my current job on day shift and then went to nights. I like night shift and declined to go back to days when asked. I go to work, do my assessments and the major med pass of the night and things usually quiet down a bit and I can focus on things/interventions/patients that really need my attention. There are less people/visitors to get in your way. My night shift coworkers are more tight knit and supportive than when I worked day shift. I actually get to "know" my patients and their histories and needs a bit more since I'm not running around just trying to finish tasks like my dayshift coworkers are normally doing(though there are still nights like that). Although we do have to be more self-sufficient and independent, I'd rather do that than deal with having doctors, therapists, and management underfoot all day long.
  7. ak2190

    The Nurse on the Other Side

    It seems like you're upset that your nurse was busy and didn't spend extra time with you giving you individualized/immersive treatment to the degree you'd like. Unfortunately for all of us, that's a reality in today's healthcare environment. I don't care if my patient is a nurse, physician, or CEO. My time is split among my patients according to acuity and prioritization. For example, last night my priority was a patient circling the drain requiring multiple transfusions, not the guy who wanted me to sit next to his bedside and go over his entire medical history with me when he's a relatively stable walkie talkie who is no longer having melena and H&H is stable. Would I like to spend 30 minutes going over his habits and practices to identify exactly how and where it all started and how to fix his myriad of issues? Sure. But looks like 403's pressure is 61/30 and now I gotta run. We don't have the staffing to focus on the extras, the stuff above and beyond keeping people alive, unharmed, and relatively comfortable.
  8. ak2190

    Nurses and their pens

    I generally like to leave my pen inside my cubby when I empty my pockets before leaving each shift. Lately, I've come back 3 times and found my pens gone. Someone must think I'm leaving them an offering every morning. :/
  9. ak2190

    My First Vent

    Wanted to come back and post an update even though I haven't logged on in a while (thanks for your supportive comments everyone!): so, er things aren't any better at work but I'm handling it by not thinking about work at all when I am home and filling my time with hobbies. I've had nursing jobs previously that were pretty bad, but this unit's culture/management is really dragging me down. I am trying to stick it out for now, but I'm starting to get the itch to look for another job. The only thing holding me back is I've previously floated to different units in several hospitals and I'd say many of the units are just as bad as this one. For now I will grit my teeth and bear it, it's decent pay and close to home.
  10. ak2190

    Nurses, how do you view your job?

    Please come back to this thread again in a year or two and update us. Please.
  11. ak2190

    My First Vent

    This is my first vent on allnurses, I just had an awful shift where I only got to sit for about 30 minutes out of 14 hours, didn't get to pee, and my feet feel like death and my mind is numb from all the crazy. So here goes: I am fed up. I'm fed up with meetings telling staff that we need to triple document hourly rounding in many redundant ways. That we need to chart 90 new things every single shift. Oh and make sure you do it by 4 hours into your shift! Even though ALL of your patients are contact isolation, half are total cares with diarrhea and/or vomiting and pain medication every 2-3 hours, some with all 3. One is coming back from OR, and here's another admission with a critically low K. Oh and we can't get a sitter for your sundowner who jumps out of bed every 2 seconds and screams loud enough to keep all the other patients awake - all night. And oops we only have one tech for the whole floor so don't expect much help. And just for fun we're going to split up your assignment so that you have to walk the length of the entire floor of the hospital building. Oh, and let's also play chasing the docs at home at 0300 for critical lab results as they play hot potato, not wanting to make a decision. Sprinkle on some crazy rhythm changes on a previously stable patient on top, who - wait for it - has apparently gone the entire admission of 5 days without receiving his regular beta-blocker and no one has noticed. It is so disheartening to run around nonstop trying your best to be superhuman and keep your patients safe, wearing your body down every night and ignoring the pain in your feet and the sheer exhaustion, and still being unable to meet the expectations espoused by management. And to feel like your job is constantly under threat because no matter how hard you try, at every meeting it's hammered in that you're not good enough when you have no support and inadequate resources to meet unrealistic expectations. And no one cares. We keep losing staff and have had plenty of people fired recently. Now we're expected to come in on our days off to do extra activities, unless we want our annual reviews to be negatively impacted. Acuity is being increased on the unit, while ratios remain the same.
  12. ak2190


    What? This never happened in my nursing program. Whatever clinical skills we needed to practice we did so on actual patients, with their consent.
  13. ak2190

    Nursing School Vs Med School, no comparison

  14. ak2190

    Flushing JP Drain

    We flush JP (and other) drains on my unit, most recent example being a JP draining a pancreatic abscess. Orders were to flush with 10 cc NS q8 hours. We simple unhook the bulb, wipe the line and flush with a sterile syringe.
  15. ak2190

    How far do you drive to work?

    10 minutes. :) It was a big factor in why I took this job.
  16. ak2190

    Displaying credentials

    In my humble opinion, the alphabet soup is ridiculous. At the most, it should be Highest degree and license after your name (e.g. Princess Peach DNP, RN). The only person who knows about or cares for your certs are you and your employer and they will verify by checking your documents.