Is Nursing really THAT bad???

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    So, I came across this website: and to my surprise, could not believe how many nurses hate their job. Go ahead, read some the stories on that site and tell me what you think about it.

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    In my personal opinion nursing is not that bad . However, what I read sounds pretty accurate.
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    Yes, it is that bad.
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    It CAN be... the majority of healthcare facilities are really cutting budgets and it really hits nurses hard. Understaffed and working with other burnt out employees, and when healthcare is really geared now towards customer service (not just making sure patients are happy, but catering to unrealistic expectations instead of what is best for that patient)... all of this can really be a killer.
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    It is what you make of it. I personally have found a specialty that I like.
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    Charles Barkley says it's turrible.
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    I retired over a year ago after working full time as an RN for 28 years, was an LPN for 3 years prior to becoming an RN & was an aide prior to working as an LPN so I've been around awhile! I loved the nursing part of being an RN but hated the politics, the gossipy nurses & the whole nurses eating their young thing!
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    There are days I come home thinking what in the hell was I thinking.

    Of course I am also redoing my house right now and it makes me so glad I went to school and am NOT doing that for a living.

    Work sucks sometimes. Hopefully it has those days where it gets better and reminds you why you are doing what you do.
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    Nursing evolved into something much more different than we expected it to.
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    Overall I love it and think we are fortunate to make the money we do in times when some people aren't even able to pay their bills.
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