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jerenemarie's Latest Activity

  1. Advocated for PT against the on-calls orders

    As a nurse you are the patient's advocate, you made the right decision! thanks, Jerenemarie
  2. Tape Reporting... HOH RN

    Please don't forget...your employer must accomodate you under the Americans with Disabilities Act! And if they won't help you, then report them to your state Civil Liberties Union! Thanks, Jerenemarie
  3. Living with poo

    Yikes...sounds to me like your facility needs to have an infection control inservice! Soiled briefs on the floor??? Big infection no-no, if any health dept inspector would see that they automatically give out infection control citations (at least i...
  4. To all Night Nurses:

    night shift staff are awesome to work with, they are a special group! they do not get the recognition they deserve, instead the day shift comes in & starts complaining right away, grr! thanks, jerenemarie
  5. Is Nursing really THAT bad???

    I retired over a year ago after working full time as an RN for 28 years, was an LPN for 3 years prior to becoming an RN & was an aide prior to working as an LPN so I've been around awhile! I loved the nursing part of being an RN but hated the po...
  6. The dumbest thing you've ever heard...

    A social worker careplanned on a quad. patient & his needs for sexual gratification...she expected nursing to perform oral sex on him! That is one dumb thing I'll never forget!
  7. I am a new grad and got a job as ALF director position!

    Don't forget, you are responsible for your staff & residents 24/7 which is alot on any RN's shoulders, much less a new grad.! And be prepared for the state survey team to grace you with their presence...any problems they find is "blamed" on the ...
  8. Fecal Disimpaction

    The state of Minnesota looks at impactions as a BIG of the first questions they have is the patient dehydrated or not & what type of meds are they on to contribute to the problem (psychotropic meds which cause dry mouth, etc). I'm ...
  9. Patient falls: What works to prevent them?

    Here a few preventative tips I used with care planning: 1. Making sure they have their glasses on & that they are clean, this goes with hearing aides too! 2. No throw rugs in rooms. 3. Follow toileting schedule. 4. Having a program in place for p...
  10. Fecal Disimpaction

    Manually removing fecal impactions is risky with too many potential problems that could arise. Best thing to do is call the physician & get an order for an oil retention enema (suppositories do not work on impactions) but if there was bleeding p...
  11. reamed out for using soft wrist restraints

    I've gotten orders for a low dose of Morphine for someone who is having resp. difficulty as this helps with the distessed respiratory status & it also helps with relaxing the patient. It works great, I think it is much better than ativan. Thanks...
  12. Unprofessional Administration!

    I have decided to take Chinup's advice, I will just forget it & be thankful I'm no longer working in that place!! Thank you for your replies! Jerenemarie:yeah:
  13. Unprofessional Administration!

    10 months ago I was unexpectedly terminated from an A.L.F. by their brand new V.P. of management:down:. One week ago I get a phone call from their Administrator asking me if I had "reported" her to the county for wrongfully obtaining public assistan...
  14. PRN question... am I the only one??

    I wouldn't worry about intruding on their stomping grounds, your number 1 priority are the residents & you are doing the right thing when giving them prn pain meds before the pain becomes unmanageable! Not only that but a med tech cannot give an...
  15. Your best nursing tips/tricks

    For those folks who have problems with reddened & dry, chapped skin...udder balm works wonderfully! It has no scents, is "natural" so it is free of harmful ingredients. I've had nursing staff look at me like I was nuts when I would suggest this...

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