Nurses who go on breaks during report

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    So I'm frustrated.... I work with a couple nurses who will go on break during what is supposed to be bedside report. They are usually working late in the hospital for whatever reasons-- working on the schedule, etc.-- and they figure they can give it to me once they get back. However, I still get annoyed. Usually they come up to me about an hour-hour and a half into my shift. By then, I've met all my patients and all the questions I would've had for them I've already figured out. Report to me at that time seems silly and just interrupts what I'm doing.

    Granted, I don't usually have very critical patients, but is this something I should talk to my manager about? Or am I overreacting?

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    Tell them a written report will help you get your shift started sooner, and save them from having to interrupt you once you have gotten started?
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    I personally would say something. Because report time is report time. I don't see how I am supposed to start a shift without hearing from the nurse who took care of the patient for 8 or 12 hours.
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    I've never heard of this bring acceptable anywhere. Report time is report time. Period.
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    Technically they are responsible for the patient until they hand off care, through giving report to the oncoming nurse; even if their shift is "over". Remember abandonment?

    I have had pts in the past who were drastically changed from the description I'd gotten in report; so there was no doubt this was an acute change in status that needed to be addressed. One good reason for getting a report in private, then rounding with a bedside handoff so both of you are on the same page as to the pt's condition. Also if the room is a mess, IV is disconnected or infiltrated, etc.
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    This is completely unacceptable! Report time is for report!
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    Wow. Never heard of this one. Can't they go on break AFTER they give you report? Especially if you are taking care of patients with no report given--which may be against your facility policy. AND, I would ask about the policy on this one. It is my understanding that until the patient is reported off, then the nurse who is on break is still responsible for the patient. To do otherwise puts you at risk. Even moreso if the nurses are staying late to do paperwork. If the charts are not up to date, then it puts you and your care of the patient at a further disadvantage. This is not great practice. I would have a discussion with the manager on this.
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    That's ridiculous.

    First, who is responsible for their patients while they are on break? are they assuming that person can give report?

    The only time you should ever be working without some kind of report is if you are the first person of your discipline to meet the patient.

    I would be finding them on their break, or calling them on their phone and asking to get report. Every time. I would also speak to the manager. If there is no policy on this one there needs to be one stat.

    It is part of basic nursing care to communicate your care to the next shift, if they are not doing this they are not doing their job.
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    Definitions vary somewhat state-to-state, but in my state that's considered abandonment.
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    Definitely unacceptable. You need report. They need to give you report then do what they need to do. Is this a tactic to ride the clock? I won't take over care until I receive report.
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