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  1. by   eatmysoxRN
    Those look nice. I hate snapping the snaps on the gowns. I'm pretty sure most of my patients consider me incompetent in that regard.
  2. by   me1989
    It's got polyester in it though. Our stinkers will stink just a little more. Polyester makes you sweat more too. Everyone will be "occasionally moist".

    Plus... the joy of the "mooning" episodes were an easy view of the back/behind for skin assessment.
  3. by   VICEDRN
    I think the poly blend is a mistake but I admire them for exploring a new way to improve the patient's "experience."
  4. by   Vespertinas
    Quote from MBARNBSN
    Also, it just dawned on me that one day we will be nurses who report to younger nurses that we used to have to hold the back of the gowns closed while steading the patient with one hand as we carried everything else to include pushing the IV poles with medications and pumps in the other. Just working as a nurse as technology improves is making us older!
    In the ICU, I always think that one day more things will be wireless and I'll recall the countless hours I spent untangling cords
  5. by   GLORIAmunchkin72
    And do away with all the jokes?????!!!
  6. by   Bruce_Wayne
    I see people commenting about the poly-blend, all of my scrubs are poly-blend is that why I get a little musky after a long shift? I think you have to use some sort of synthetic fiber for scrubs though because of wrinkles, and permeability. If you get something splashed on you, you want it to go no further than your first layer of scrubs.

    For patients that need help scooting up in the bed, if they tie their gowns in the back-bottom, sometimes it pulls and chokes them when we pull them up in the bed. That's not good for patients and can even cause anxiety attacks, so when I sit somebody in the bed and their gown is tied I have the habit of undoing the bottom back tie.
  7. by   1feistymama
    Quote from PalmHarborMom
    Our male patients don't seem to care too much about flapping in the breeze but our women normally want more coverage. (could just be our hospital (VA hospital))
    hahahahaha Guys do seem to be more carefree, don't they?
  8. by   applewhitern
    Dang, these gowns will take all the fun out of the "ICU." haha
  9. by   sapphire18
    Wouldn't work in ICU, but a nice idea for walky-talkies.
  10. by   nrsang97
    I live in the Detroit area and we have had some fun comments on how this wouldn't work for the ICU. Walkie talkies it would be awesome. Immobile, comatose ICU patients not so much.
  11. by   dandk1997RN
    I'd have to get a better look at it to tell if I like it. I need to be able to easily access my pts' groins post-procedure. I hate it when they are still on bedrest and the gown is tied up behind them and they're laying on it. Can't access their groins to assess for bleeding/hematoma.