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  1. Bruce_Wayne

    Nurses smoking weed?

    Not worth losing my license over. After I retire, who knows what I'll put in my garden.
  2. Bruce_Wayne

    Sterile Water for Enteral Feeding Tubes?

    Sterile water seems pointless because the cup you pour it into isnot sterile and neither will the syringe or funnel, unless you're getting new sterile stuff every time. I save my sterile water for chest tubes.
  3. Bruce_Wayne

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Propofol, fentanyl, levophed, lovenox, and protonix lol
  4. Bruce_Wayne

    Im 53 and looking into Becoming a CNA

    If you have white collar history I would honestly advise you to stay in your current field or get another white collar job. You might make more money being a McDonald's manager than you would as a CNA
  5. Bruce_Wayne

    Thinking of being a LVN

    25000 for an lvn program just sounds like a stupid scam. I'd try to find an ADN program that was accredited instead. My ADN cost me 5000 total and my Bsn only cost 6000. I cannot imagine the prices you're getting quoted.
  6. That is quiet the situation. Have you looked into nursing home jobs as well? I know in my area they're absolutely desperate and constantly building new ones. It's kind of an unglamorous job and they don't treat or pay you very well. But it is a start.
  7. Nursing is a hard stressful job. The pay can be good but for what you have to put up with sometimes it doesn't seem worth it. If I had to do it all over again I'd choose physical therapist because they get paid slightly more and they're focused on a more narrowly defined task.
  8. Bruce_Wayne

    Leaving Bedside Nursing

    I used to miserable but then I came to terms with expectations vs reality and I just do the best I can with what I have. As a shift lead my process was to give mys of all the biggest baddest cases but that line of thinking was unsubstantiatable. I got a lot of stress from making assignments and having to deal with the complaints and venting from other nurses. It's especially hard when you're understaffed. Sometimes I wished I could just twitch my nose and materialize a nurse. Now on my coping skills are much larger and I don't take things personally anymore. Actually being firm and decisive has made things better for me as people are less likely to question my actions and I try to be as transparent with my thought process as possible. Now people pretty much trust me to be fair and flexible but sometimes nurses get really tough assignments but I do my best to spread the grief around evenly. Personally my biggest stressor isn't the job or personality issues with coworkers it's the culture of choosing quantity over quality of life that I see day after day. Sometimes I feel like a tool of torture more than a nurse as we trach and peg people who's only prognosis is to be in bedridden pain for the rest of their life with tubes in ever orifice until the day that we code them and can't get them back. That's the one thing that keeps me awake at night.
  9. Bruce_Wayne

    NG insertion Doctors VS nurses

    I saw a doctor try an NG once because I couldn't get it. Neither could he and we actually had to consult a surgeon to help. we routinely place NG or OG tubes on our vented pts and have it confirmed by air bolus heard by two RNs. by the time we get around to using it for feeding the patient has had several X-rays
  10. Bruce_Wayne


    The mentors don't really do anything except talk to you and keep you motivated. Their only purpose is to keep you grounded and set realistic expectations and keep you motivated since you will be working from home. By in large, the learning is self directed and contact with mentors is a formality.
  11. Speaking as somebody promoted to shift lead before I thought I was ready, you do not want to put yourself in that situation. The stress was unbearable and I started smoking. And that's not even on the same level as a unit manager. Do yourself a favor and get some experience.
  12. Bruce_Wayne

    Process for monitoring telemetry at your hospital

    Our monitor techs are RNs or LPNs with special ekg training. Our portable tele monitors work in all departments so there is no "off unit" considerations. The patients primary RN is responsible for checking the accuracy of the strips and that is part of the chart check. ER and ICU patients are not monitored by the monitor techs but instead by their primary RN. Monitor techs and er and Icu nurses must take a yearly competency ekg class and test. The monitor techs are required to take all breaks including a 30 minute lunch break and 2 fiveteen minute paid breaks outside of the monitor room. This is to prevent fatigue and eye strain and is not considered optional at my facility.
  13. Bruce_Wayne

    Anyone using a ChromeBook?

    I just use the website version. I don't recall the exact instructions because none of my classes have utilized vitasource yet so I kind of forgot how to do it.
  14. Just saw on facebook that effective immediately Georgian students can enroll to WGU now. This has no effect on current or alumni from Georgia.
  15. Bruce_Wayne

    Positive NCLEX experience

    I was looking through this board and naturally like you'd expect it attracts a lot of people that are nervous and a lot of people that are having problems with the test taking. So I thought it would be useful to others to read a positive NCLEX experience. When I took my NCLEX, finding the building the test was in was easy but finding the suite wasn't. I wasn't late but I was nervous pacing around some hallways looking for the right room. I thought the testing center would be rather large but it was really small. I think there were like 6 computers. Your mileage may vary. The questions were straightforward and most of the time the answer seemed obvious. The questions related to real world applications and a few of the things I saw were a little unusual but nothing much that I hadn't heard of in my readings. I'm sure I did miss plenty questions, but there wasn't anything outrageous. The questions I did struggle on or guessed at were fair and really did identify holes in my knowledge. I got tons of select all that apply and a lot of my questions related to care plan meetings. I had exactly two medication questions and zero lab questions. But knowledge about medication and labs helped me answer some other questions in a non-direct kind of way so it was useful knowledge. Overall I feel like it's a really fair test and accurately test for what a brand new nurse should know. Nothing too advanced lots of safety questions. If I was a patient I'd want my nurse to able to pass the NCLEX.
  16. Bruce_Wayne

    Is there such a thing?

    If you get the education, experience and credentials and are willing to relocate you can find something somewhere in management if that's what you want to do. After you get your foot in the door of management you can try to work your way up from there or transfer/relocate as needed to advance.