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When someone asks you what you do for a living, do you hesitate? I'm a nurse and an R.N. next year. It's gotten so I don't like to tell people that I'm a nurse. Instead of friendliness or even... Read More

  1. by   malenurseFl
    Quote from nrsang97
    I get the over excited response as well. I have only gotten a few times can you get me x narcotic, but that is quickly nipped in the bud. I tend to get asked lots of questions. Sometimes I have had my friends ask if I could fix them up with a doctor.
    Lol @ fix up with a doctor. Other nurses I know locally are on the hunt for doctors too!
  2. by   shamrokks
    Quote from KelRN215
    I have never had any anger or resentment as a reaction to my telling people I am a nurse. The only people I don't want to broadcast it to are my neighbors... because I don't want any "my kid fell, my husband is sick, my wife's in labor" knocks on my door.
  3. by   applewhitern
    I guess it depends on "who" you're telling. I come from a family of doctors and engineers, so they all feel sorry for me. Most of my friends are other nurses or teachers, or some other type of degreed professional, so they make about the same as I do. I do hear "I couldn't do what you do" a lot, but they usually mean they couldn't deal with the smells and clean-up type stuff.
  4. by   anashenwrath
    When I tell people I'm in nursing school, I usually get a lot of: "Wow, that's amazing/noble/special." Followed by some personal story about a great interaction they've had with a nurse. I guess I've been lucky so far.

    And when people try to imply that it's all about money, I gently remind them that I'm leaving a very well-paying desk job to pursue nursing.
  5. by   Esme12
    Quote from malenurseFl
    No one tells me anything and that's why I wanted to ask on this board. It really gets old fast. Everyone around seems to think being a nurse = wealth. I'm sure not seeing wealth from being a nurse. It may be that there is only one nursing school where I live for R.N. they turned away 1000 qualified applicants a couple years ago. It could be everyone knows someone that worked hard to become a qualified applicant and was turned down. It may just be because most jobs in my area pay much less than what nurses make. A combination of those factors is also possible.

    I'm hoping to get more feedback from the family of nurses on here.
    I have never encountered hostility....only respect and admiration
  6. by   NurseDirtyBird
    When I tell people what I do, they either ask my opinion on health care reform or ask me what the grossest thing I've ever seen was. Either way, they usually regret asking.
  7. by   CapeCodMermaid
    When I was much younger when my friends and I went out for a drink, if I told someone I was a nurse, I'd get the leer and the "he, he, he". Now they just ask what kind of nursing I do and if I like it.
  8. by   mariebailey
    I'm accustomed to riding on airplanes and listening to people seated next to me tell me about their entire health history once I've revealed my profession. I feel like it puts people more at ease when they hear the word "nurse", although I am generalizing, I admit.
  9. by   fasnv
    I was in my college's bookstore searching for something and a man asked me what I was majoring in. I mentioned Liberal Arts, which made his face sour. When I added Nursing, he was blushing and smiling.

    I thought that it was pretty cute!
  10. by   NJnewRN
    I have always gotten back positive feedback from strangers. Most people are quite impressed and have more respect for me. I purposely choose not to tell people. Heck, sometimes I forget that I'm a nurse! I just feel that when I tell people what I do sometimes, it gives them the wrong idea. Sometimes people want to get closer to me for some kind of motive. I know it sounds paranoid, but I have had friends come out of the wood work, gotten into arguments with relatives, family, and friends because they want me to give them money or pay for everything.
  11. by   brandy1017
    Strange! Usually when someone knows your a nurse they start asking you all about their health problems and what does it mean! I've never gotten a negative attitude about nursing, just people looking for free advice. I don't mind but I don't advertise I'm a nurse either. There is a myth that nurses are rich out there though, lol. If only that were true. Sure you can make good money especially with overtime as a slave to work but I don't think that makes one rich! Nursing pays the bills, that's all!
  12. by   TopazLover
    When I was young and a new nurse, I was so proud of my profession. People responded positively when they knew I was a nurse.

    Now when someone tells me they want to be a nurse I am a bit more reticent. I know how difficult schools are to get in. I know attrition rates. I understand student loans. I understand the work involved once you pass boards. I know the agony of leaving your children to care for others. I understand what it means to be a nurse.

    I wish them well. I ask questions to see if they have thought it out. I am not as excited for them to become nurses as I used to be. Supportive, but more realistic.

    I can well understand the negativity the OP sees if in a depressed area where many family members have been turned down for slots in school. The money looks really good to those who have little and the possibility of one of their family getting the same job does not exist. I am sorry you are getting those responses.

    The best response I know is to be the best nurse you can be. They may never come around but perhaps one will figure out that their cousin, brother, sister, whatever could not do what you do as well. It might take showing your A&P, Micro. etc. books to at least one.

    Hold your head high. You are a nurse.
  13. by   rngolfer53
    Quote from KelRN215
    I have never had any anger or resentment as a reaction to my telling people I am a nurse. The only people I don't want to broadcast it to are my neighbors... because I don't want any "my kid fell, my husband is sick, my wife's in labor" knocks on my door.
    Let 'em think you're a hospice nurse..........scares 'em off. And if it doesn't just ask them if they've tried Roxanol and Ativan..................

    More to the point of the thread, I've had neutral or positive reactions when people ask what I do.......as far as getting wealthy, if people are crass enough to ask what I make, I tell them the truth. About the same as what I made in the petroleum industry......20 years ago (which is fine and was/is my choice).