May I speak to Dr. so&so?

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    I just had to share this.
    Last night one of the nurses had to call one of those docs NOONE wants to call in the middle of the night. Anyways, she calls and has the guy on speaker phone coz that's who he is and that's what we've gotta do when we call him.
    He starts yelling and basically cursing her out but she wasn't got have that so she calmly waited for him to finish and she says
    "Am sorry, May speak with dr. so&so? My name calling from..."
    The doc sounding a bit confused says "This IS dr so&so. I've been talking to you for 5 minutes"
    The nurse says "Am sorry u misunderstand me. Am calling to speak with dr so&so about his patient and I just know that u couldn't be him because no doc is his right mind and a license to protect would dare speak to me or any nurse like that when they are calling not to chat about the weather but about the health and wellness of his patient. I am sure you understand. So when he comes in, could you kindly have him call me @ #. I would really like to speak to him soon or am going to have to call the medical director in the middle of the night. And we all know how pleasantly that would turn out. Don't we dear?"
    And hang up the phone!!!
    A minute later, the doc calls back and says "This is dr so&so. someone page me?"
    She is my hero.:bowingpur

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    That is awesome! She's way tougher than I could ever be! Go nurses!
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    YES!!!! I love it!! Good for her!! Please pat her on the back for me.

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    What a gracious, yet effective, way to get her point across. I admire that kind of confident and creative boundary-setting. I shall file this away for future reference.

    Well done!
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    I have done something similar but wasn't near as cool as your friend. ADoc was screaming at me and I said "when you are thru with your ranting and raving I would like to talk to you about your patient that is almost dead. What do you want me to do?" I had nowhere near the finesse your friend had. I l9oved it
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    Oh that was sooooo cool. Better than a suspense movie, had me on the edge of my seat right to the end.

    She is my hero too.


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    OMG! I love her!
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    I love it. I've told several Doctors over the years that I am not gonna to let them talk to me like that and slammed the phone down but that was only because there were plenty of other doctors on the patients case I could call. But I love what that nurse did. Awesome!!!
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    I love it that is so cool.
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    That woman has nerves of steel and a spine to match! Go her!
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