If you weren't a nurse, what would you have become? - page 8

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For some reason I was thinking about Spinal Tap, at the end, when the guy says he would sell hats if he wasn't a musician. So if you weren't a nurse, what would you have become? If I was being serious, probably a social... Read More

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    Editor, crime scene investigator, food critic, personal shopper. All of the above would be my dream job.

    But on a more serious note.. Photographer. Photography right now for me is just a hobby, but I would love to make it into a career or even just a side job one day.
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    This was a fun thread. I vote for more of these kind of threads.
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    Foreign language instructor, specifically Italian.
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    Rock star!!! LOL!!
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    News Reporter
    Freelance Writer
    College English Professor
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    I'm currently writing three novels, and I have some articles published. So, I would be an author.
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    Quote from Alibaba

    #2 Which I am really, seriously, but not too carefully considering. Save up a bunch of $ by doing double for a year then give it all up andgo to some remote beach locale and open up a bar with some food bar offerings. And maybe a small guest house/hostel.
    I could invite all my fellow stressed out AN members to visit for a week and decompress.
    You'd need an awful big beach.
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    If motivated, I'd have finished engineering, not liked it as a job, and gone to med school.

    Otherwise: Paramedic + RRT
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    Hotel Critic

    Wildlife Biologist

    Dairy Farmer

    Fitness Model
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    I always wanted to be a comedian when I grew up. Sometimes still do! I also want to own a book store. not a Borders or B&N type, but one that has used books, big comfy chairs and couches, coffee and tea, everyone is friends type of place!