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I got fired for a dumb thing I did breaking a hospital policy per HR, not my nursing performance or patient care related. How will that affect me getting another job?... Read More

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    Quote from MolsLPN

    A Gus gif!!!!! LOVE!!!!!

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    Quote from Nurse_
    You cannot assume they'll do the right thing and just keep their mouths shut.
    Why would that be the right thing to do? I'm trying to decide which of two people to hire, and I call for a reference, I'd like to know which of the two can't keep their pants on until they get off the property.
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    Not to take the knife any deeper, But honey get a room. Doing it in a car in a parking lot....You're not in high school anymore
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    Good advice leslie!
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    I don't know about any other states but my state can yank your license for 90 days on the basis of professionalism or conduct unbecoming of a nurse and that is just first offense
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    Be sincere and let them know you have learned your lesson big time and grown up and will never cross or even come close to that line again.

    Someone will understand.

    Everyone makes mistakes.
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    Here's a valid reason that someone might choose not to hire you: Hooking up can lead to jealousy and all kinds of destructive behavior that have no place in the workplace. Honestly, unless you could demonstrate that you were a better nurse than the other candidates, I'd give you a pass in favor of someone who's not looking to boink their coworkers.

    No matter where you find yourself in your next job, keep this adage in mind: "Don't dip your pen in the company inkwell."
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    Your behaviour demonstrates to many of us extremely poor judgement, which, although we have all made mistakes, in this economy will not work in your favour. The desire was so great that you couldn't wait to leave the property. Really? So while I do agree with not divulging a whole play by play, you should be honest and show remorse. Otherwise, they have plenty of candidates to choose. Relocation is probably a great idea.
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    Lol at everyone assuming it was sex, we just made out, so chill out.

    well then I'll quit nursing and work at McDonald's , maybe they'll give me a chance.

    Oh joy
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    You can overcome this. Some forget what it is too be young, dumb, and hormonal.

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