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  1. SouthernPoint

    Does your hospital have a cutoff time for discharges?

    The hospital I worked for discharged 24 hrs a day. Didn't matter if a patient was completely set up for home health (if ordered) or not. I remember driving a patient home once because they had no one to pick them up and couldn't afford a taxi. I g...
  2. SouthernPoint

    Eval and treat with pharmacy

    Pharmist's are Doctors.. In all honest I have no problem taking orders from them. Sometimes I would rather take their orders vs ARNP's, PA's or Floor MD's.
  3. SouthernPoint

    Stupid hospital/company tricks

    Our hospital one year offered employees a gift card to a local grocery store for a "Christmas Gift". It wasn't really posted anywhere that this would be happening. Well Christmas, New Years and the Superbowl came and went. Then somewhere one of the b...
  4. SouthernPoint

    Pyxis report question...being falsely accused!

    Somethings sounds off here. If you are using the pyxis this is how the company explained it to us. Order = 0.5mg (controlled substance). Pyxis = 1mg (controlled substance). Difference of 0.5mg (which is your waste). I (the giving nurse) si...
  5. SouthernPoint

    Multiple Narcotic Administration

  6. SouthernPoint

    demerol then code blue

  7. SouthernPoint

    Random Question

    She has 2 DUI's? She will get busted sooner or later. She could end up loosing her license all together. It is her job to report arrest and DUI's to her state. I know in Florida they are slowly getting to it but they are doing back ground checks. Als...
  8. SouthernPoint

    Admit orders for who?

    No. You were not out of line. In my opinion the nurse passing the patient to you was out of line. Handing off orders without a patients information on them is a safety issue just waiting to happen. If you as the nurse would have just placed th...
  9. SouthernPoint

    Monitoring agreement and hospitalization

    It seems like you have something else going on in your life that you need to get a good control on. It is good that you are aware of your issue's, but don't create more problems for yourself. These are all questions you need to contact your caseworke...
  10. SouthernPoint

    Pre-Employment Drug Screens and Perscription Meds

    1st people need to relize that NO ONE had to hire you, just because you might fit a slot. Many places these day fine that someone taking a potenial addictive medication is a liability and they want nothing to do with the person. Yes, it is sad ...
  11. SouthernPoint

    One day at a time

    Amazing said.
  12. SouthernPoint

    Pre-Employment Drug Screens and Perscription Meds

  13. SouthernPoint

    metformin and CT contrast

    72 hours post IV contrast.
  14. SouthernPoint


    My health insurance pays for my therapist. As for the UDS's you have to pay for that yourself. I know of some nurse's who have to see an addictionologist and their health insurance covers that. What are you looking for the insurance to cover?
  15. SouthernPoint

    RN license recovery after revocation due to narcotic diversion

    You need to contact your states Board of Nursing and talk with someone there.
  16. SouthernPoint

    FL RN license renewal

    Healthcare Practitioner License Search This is the link for the FL Practitioner License Search. If you type in your name it will pull up your information. Hope this helps SP