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I've been going to school on and off since I graduated high school in 2005. I finally finished all of my pre-req classes this last December at the community college. I also got my LPN in 2011. At the moment I am looking to get... Read More

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    I borrowed for my first Bachelor's. Still owe about $13k since I've been deferring it since going back to school for nursing because everything to do with nursing (LVN, ADN, and soon my RN to BSN) I am paying completely out of pocket. So I'll owe nothing for my entire nursing education, but will be repaying the $13k I borrowed for the "college experience" :P

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    OMG I read this stuff about debt, then I read the new posts from peeps who just finished another degree and are going right into accelerated BSN. They won't ever pay off their loans. Most of them will never work one day as an RN either. I don't have debt, but this all makes me sick to my stomach.
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    DH and I used to have about 130K combined. That's two bachelors degrees and my ASN. We've paid off a good chunk of them using the snowball method and have about 40K left, which should take us about a year and a half on our current plan. We live well below our means and put over 3K a month towards our debt. I am planning to pay for my BSN out of pocket so I don't add to the pile with any more debt.
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    $0. I paid my way through school. Debt free in the school loan department.
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    Not feeling so bad about adn route now.

    My current AAS cost $4,000 at time. Same college now $16,000.

    ADN will cost me $11,000 at school I want to attend. BSN will add $5K - $15K. No loans.

    Hoping savings from working to cover most of graduate cost. if it does I'll be broke. If not I'll owe whatever. Either way not desirable.
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    I owe 15,000 for LPN/RN total. I need 20,000 more for my BSN and have no clue on where the money is going to come from. I'll have to pay 1000 a month for tuition and I'm in a 16 month program. Sigh....
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    $0. BSN was paid for with scholarships and a college fund my parents set up. MSN paid off by working and scholarships. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE apply for scholarships! They are out there and you can get them, especially if you're a good writer (many of them require essays). Google is your friend.
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    I currently owe about $4,700. When my student loans went into repayment status in October 2010, my original amount due was $12,700. However, I've been paying extra on the principal whenever possible and I expect to have this debt paid off in full by the end of the year.
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    I went straight for my BSN and I'll have about 35k when I'm done (paid most of my associates transfer degree with cash).

    Daughter just got accepted into the same nursing program. She'll have about 25k because she took dual enrollment in high school and they paid for most of her associate transfer degree.

    Since mine is a second income, I should have my loan paid off in about a year and a half, maybe less. I told my daughter to live cheap once she gets a job and pay it off ASAP. Long term debt can be horrible.
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    36,000 for a four year BSN, paid off in 2 years.

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