how many shifts in a row?

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    What is the highest amount of 12 hour shifts you have done as a nurse?

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    5 night shifts. Too many.
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    cant say for 12 hours shifts, but my mom once worked a month straight, exactly thirty days on nights, 8 hour shifts, and she pulled some doubles as well.
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    also 5 12hr shifts in a row.... i had mild chestt pain on the way home and i was fit and 27 years old.... WAY too many. no worth any amount of money
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    6 night shifts and then I rear ended someone on the way home so I called out for number 7. I left that job shortly after since the NM couldn't seem to work a schedule.
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    6, it was fine. Although I think it was because I was going on vacation afterwards. 4 days I don't mind so much (when I'm not pregnant) 5 or more I better have something I'm looking forward to doing on my days off. My favorite schedule is 3 in a row, 4 off, 3 on, etc.
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    6 12s....too many. I was exhausted for 4 days after that. Never again. I don't care how short they are.
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    Friend did 12, 12hr shifts and the on the 13th day she look like she was going to die. She had to call in sick for the whole week, she said she will never do that again.
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    I have done 14 in a row before. I was so tired @the end I couldn't see straight. But then I got to take a month off
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    I did 14 8's straight because I started a PT job while having another PT and orientation was FT NEVER AGAIN!!!! Lol

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