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  1. How to change Nurse Recruiter?

    So I made the mistake of blindly submitting online at AMN and was contacted and spoke with a nurse recruiter.. I had not given permission to be "submitted" - as I had not decided when I wanted, next day I get a cold-call from the Manager of Kaiser an...
  2. Contract Review -- First Time Travel

    Thanks NedRN, I am doing ALOT of reading now and not sure if I will be accepting this
  3. Contract Review -- First Time Travel

    Hey everyone so I just turned 29 last week and said this is it.. I want to do what I always wanted to and that is to see some different places and travel in the area. I already was connected with recruiter from this agency and just emailed him my Res...
  4. Frusturated with situation...does any nurses out there have same issues?

    Look for jobs elsewhere!
  5. New Grad Failed Lift Test

    There must be some more to this than a lift test at a physical..and seriously they have THAT now?? lol
  6. Attention All Nurses....

    Stop ! Dont even think about leaving your Corporate job. You MAY be able to contribute more than you think! Establish a scholarship fund at a nursing program, try to find a new grad nurse get a job using your connections, or ANYTHING else than going ...
  7. Interview Assignment Help! What does HCAP mean?

    Could she may be have meant healtcare associated pneumonia?? For a new grad thats more reasonable than the alternative..
  8. Too smart for my own good... :-/

    Well, they are right. You're in the ER, you have 100 other things to do before EVEN thinking about looking up what gtt means
  9. Are Managers against nurses?

    Although in fairness to the manager you are scheduled to be ON the next day and because YOU chose to come in early for extra $$$ you want off on your regularly scheduled day?? I am with the manager on this one, many nurses don't understand what impos...
  10. How to Deal with the Chaos of Med/Surg

    Umm this is THE norm on med-surg units with ratios as high as 1:7.. I would KILL for 1:4..
  11. Asking back for job...

    You have got to be kidding! WOW.
  12. Hi everyone, I will be finishing my 2nd year in Nursing on Med/Surg unit and have Tele experience as part time as well. I am however, NOT at all good with IVs, I mean blood work I can manage but patent IVs? I just cant. I have tried, though and just ...
  13. Where to start?

    Not all travel companies have your needs! Pay is the #1 consideration when traveling. So you shouldnt say you dont have any needs! Watch out for the low ball offers as you're new.
  14. Use brute force when necessary to rip it out. Packages dont always need to be open the "perfect" way using the grooves etc LOL
  15. How to deal with physicians effectively

    Cr 1.8 on a pt with prior hx of renal failure medication is not a critical call to MD.. at least he didnt write you up for incompetence. (yeah I have had MDs that did this to some nurses who called at odd times of the night!!)