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  1. Ok..So I am confused about a few requirements on the application 1. On question #11 What are the details of your qualifications and examinations/assessments? What is this referring to? NCLEX? Degree program? What if you have college credits from a s...
  2. Central line BSI prevention

    we have been using curos port protectors for the last 3 months (maybe a little less). They are impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol, and they say as long as you place a new cap after each port access, you do not need to swab with alcohol when acces...
  3. Wrong side/omitted procedure

    OP stated she was in pain, and wanting to be out of pain won out above all other sensibilities or nursing knowledge. She was in fact a patient and the responsibility was on the OR nurse to act as the patient advocate. You should never expect any of ...
  4. South University

    bump. Anyone?
  5. A Diabetic rant

    I am one who will admit being very hesitant to give any kind of insulin for BS=56. While I would intervene and follow the hypoglycemia protocol, I would definitely notify the MD and make sure the BS level is back to normal before giving the lantus. ...
  6. Just let go from job and can't focus on boards!

    Do you qualify for unemployment? What about Cobra? I realize it is expensive but if you need medical insurance for your child.. Also.. I realize there are 'no' jobs in FL for RNs, but I am sure you can get into an agency, home health or LTC situation...
  7. Calling all current cns students

    I start in August.
  8. Which FNP programs are the shortest?

    I heard Union university in TN has a 14 month program. Good luck in your search
  9. For the benefit of those planning on a future application to grad school and would like to become more competitive, which schools allow you to take the core courses (Advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology and Health assessment) without being admitted...
  10. St Joseph College of Maine Reviews

    saw that too.. I think they may be too back logged with applications and requiring cohorts for clinicals. It was obviously too good to last.
  11. Wait listed for FNP program but offered admission to CNS program

    Thanks! I looked at the course plan for both programs and CNS students take Advanced Patho and Health Assessment in the fall with the FNP students (there's a CNS clinical component in that term, but not too many hours to scare me), then in the Spring...
  12. I got waitlisted to the FNP program I had applied to, and they said they still have spots open in their Adult/Gero CNS program that I could get right into then do a post masters FNP cert. I have never considered CNS and was not familiar with the role...
  13. Sometimes You Just Don't See It Coming

    wow. Thank you
  14. Learn from my STUPID mistake

    If you find you PEG tube clogged and will be attempting to unclog, always wear some glasses, a mask, a gown, and if at all possible, a hairnet. Also, cover as much of the patient as you can to protect them. I did this the other day. Went to unclog th...
  15. University of Alabama Huntsville FNP

    I have not seen any discussion about this program on AN. Has anyone applied or been through the program? Does anyone have any feedback good or bad? I am considering applying there, but I wonder why there not even one post about it here.