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Job induced illness


Hey AN!

My job is making me sick!! For real.

The last three weeks, I have been having major abdominal, back and chest pains. The real stuff, not imagined. I had the flu so initially I just figured it was one of the symptoms.

I did not keep track, but I noticed some days I wasn't sick or anything and I would have several days of no discomfort, then it would return with a vengeance.

Last week, I finally realized that when I was off work, I did not think about being sick at all and had no symptoms. However, on my first day back to work, I would get so physically ill, I can barely move with stomach cramps, major chest pressure, migranes etc... this will continue until my first off day, where I will realize I am fine and have no symptoms.

I know my job is stressful, but I did not realize just how stressed my body is getting from the job.

On previous jobs, I would occasionally get a headache right when I got to work, but that would go away when I got busy.

Anyways, I have come to realize that my job is making me physically ill.

I think part of it is that I have recently taken care of people my age who stroked out at work (some in the healthcare field) and my body maybe reacting to that information.

Thanks for letting me let this out on here.

Does anyone else ever have their job make them physically ill?


Lots of people's jobs make them ill in many different ways. Stress is the most common reason for illness at work.

You need to discuss this with your employers as they have an obligation to alleviate any stress your job is causing.

Unfortunately it is very hard to measure stress levels as different people can deal and manage stress and pressure differently.

There also measures you can take yourself to reduce stress

1. Take care of your self. Take more sleep and improve your diet

2. Schedule your day better so you don't panic fitting all jobs in

3. Reduce your expectations and pressure you put on yourself

I hope this helps