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    Speaking foreign languages

    it doesnt bother me, im in south florida , and most of the nurses are foreign, most speak spanish filipino and haitian. as long as the job gets done i dont mind what language its in.

    How soon is too soon to ask for a raise?

    just wait till the evaluation is done and if its not metioned, I would def ask! we just got a cost of living 4% raise plus we get yearly evals with raises from 2 to 6% depending on your yearly evaluation. also a union hospital

    Midnight confessional!!!

    My fellow nurse and i, are having a slow night, so we want to hear some fun, dirty sexy crazy stuff lol whats the worst thing you have ever done or seen in your nursing career!?! Dont be shy!!

    I did a stupid, stupid thing...Need Advise!!

    PLEASE marijuana is not big deal!!!! as long as your NOT smoking it before or during work its fine... in my opinion at least. i had a friend that smoked alot for years and he went and got tested after he stopped and it took about a month and a half to be clean there for if you have only been smoking since july you should be fine in about 2 to 3 weeks ..... go pay 30 dollars at a lab or the home test if you trust it. i did it and i was clean on the home test and came out clean on the job drug test, so i recommend them, but it only took me a week to be clean, cuase i occasionally smoke a lil pot very seldom.
  5. you rather go make 10$ an hr for 9 months of school or rather make 22$ for 12 months of school ????

    how many shifts in a row?

    also 5 12hr shifts in a row.... i had mild chestt pain on the way home and i was fit and 27 years old.... WAY too many. no worth any amount of money

    What would be the main priority in this scenario

    cardiac first.

    I desperately need some advice

    MSorion is correct!!! most nurses are *******!!!! can i say that???? specially old chunky ones lol most managers dont redirect the staff to help and teach.... they feed off the coworkers to pound on others staff members and point fingers i have found that alot in nursing.... too many women in my opinion!!! goodluck its hard to find a good team playing floor... i been lucky 2 times in 8 hospitals ... i am at one of the two now! great manager yes she is a woman and we all help each other goodlcuk

    I need help from an RN!!

    I am a RN BSN I work in telemetry and bariatric surgery 1. i was 21 and hadnt taken many college credits, and my mom asked me what i was gonna do with my life and she told me she had connections to an LPN program so I got in and the more I did it the more I studied it, i found it intresting and saw lots of possibilities at the time 2. Money influenced YES, But personally i just wanted to do something and i was 21 without a degree at dead end jobs... and to do something good plusget paid well sounded GREAT! 3.coworkers other nurses, doctors, mostly just the hierarchy in the medical. field. 4. my specialty chose me. i work for the best hospital with the best benefits. so i was just happy to get in the door. 5.not very important its usally all done for you , just with some drips , there is a formula and if you know how to use a calculator you'll be fine 6. after LPN Nursing home and the day of graduation i had three offers as a GPN, not even licensed... it was 2002 and the jobs where endless, i would get hired in flip flops and shorts, after RN Hospital nevers worked as a GN being that i was a LPN prior, but i was hired as a RN right away too. again 2005 and the jobs where everywhere too 7. i had a patient die in nursing school the fist time. i was in shock i had never been around that i looked around took it all in and said a quite little prayer in my head for the patient , and moved on. as an LPN i was working at a nursing home and a coworker a nurse started crying when a patient had passed away, i asked her if she knew him how long had he been admitted here , 2 weeks .... so it shows everyone reacts differently, i keep it at work and professional. there is other things in nursing that will shock you much more than death! you will learn thaT! ;O) 8. like i said i work at the best hospital i get a nurse to patient ratio and i get a mandatory 1 1/2 break on a 12 hr shift. its non profit unionized hospital, they may not be as pretty but they treat their staff MUCH BETTER. you'll learn that too.... granted if your having a bad night you dont take the break, but for the most part you could. 9. when you do your rotation there be the best you can be , try to get connections with nurse managers and maybe even volunteer there. thats the best advice i can give you... jobs are far and few in between. goodluck hope this helps your lucky its a slow night for me!

    Medicare and Medicaid Cuts

    emails sent

    New Grad Should I take a job as a call center RN

    take the JOB!!!

    Immigrant Nurses

    yes it is special but.... thats not what makes it special buddy, Canada Australia UK and most of western Europe all have a huge immigrant population. people dont necessarily want to migrate to the USA just want to migrate to a better economy, a better chance, to a better life.....

    CRNA or Other Specialty?

    CRNA is 4 years BSN+ 1 year Minimum ICU exp. the 2.5 MSN in Anesthesiology then take CRNA test but check with the ANA because they are making both ARNP and CRNA a DNP programs meaning 2 more years of school starting 2015 you need to have a doctorates to sit for either test ARNP or CRNA so its the same to become an MD.... it really doesnt make since to ask for a doctors in nursing. most medical schools are only 3 years plus residency

    Crappy Maternity leave!

    hca is a horrible employer!

    No nursing shortage: roll call!

    miami fl RN very few for experienced and i think none for no experience