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  1. shorter time, bigger debt...smaller debt, longer time

    I would say that it depends on the job market in your area. Personally, in my area LPNs and RN new grads can find work relatively quickly. You can make a nice buck as a LPN while going back to school to get your RN. Me personally, i have applied to b...
  2. The weekly addition to the workload...

    I understand how u feel. I'm not a nurse but i hear this from family and friends who are nurses. The higher ups view nurses as a dime a dozen and when they feel they can suck one dry with the impossible patient loads and other tasks, they simply repl...
  3. I think 3-11 is the best shift in terms of learning. You get familiar with admits, discharges and more skillful with med passes in the LTC on this shift. I think that 11-7 is a little more relaxed because it is not as chaotic as the 3-11 shift. If yo...
  4. Are nurses high in demand in California?

    I think you already know the answer to that question, based off your other posts, and post periods about California and nurses
  5. How much did you owe in loans after earning your BSN?

    I agree with litchi, go to a cheap community college and take all of your pre-reqs and then transfer to a university to get your bachelor's degree, preferably a state school since they tend to be cheaper. You will save a ton of money this way. Some p...
  6. What cities hire new RN grads?

    I think physician assistant school is a nice alternative to nursing. Great pay, collaborate with doctors and nurses alike, plus they are in demand. You can get a bachelors, masters or an associates as a physician assistant.....yes u can go from Assoc...
  7. Lol telling it like it is. If i see another question regarding employment in Cali I'm gonna go crazy. OP, Cali have a surplus of nurses, EMTs, Paramedics, etc. They also have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. If you want to go to ...
  8. Wilderness first responder?

    The more knowledge is always better, but they do have wilderness emergency medical tech programs that are like a semester long. Its pretty interesting and intense. Shows you what to do in rural areas when you don't have lots of equipment and resource...
  9. LPN or Medical Assistant

    Even more, not trying to center around money, but i have never known of a medical assistant to clear over six figures a year, but i do know LPNs who have done so, usually average 60 to 70 thousand a year though. Medical assistants pay usually suck a...
  10. How Long?

    Thanks, but i was just looking at how things have changed over the years when nurses were in dire need and were hired asap, but now jobs are simply scarce for the most part
  11. I know a few lpns that refuses to work bedside. They have years of experience and work long term as a wound care nurse, infection control nurse, MDS, or QA
  12. LPN or Medical Assistant

    Hands down lpn, I am not biased. More opportunities, more room for advancement, better pay. There is a variety of jobs for lpns. You can work hospital if some still hire but that's few and far between, nursing home, rehab facilities, home care, hospi...
  13. LPN starting pay $26.50!

    Chicago suburbs, LPN starting pay is $27.75 and they are always hiring for nurses, due to the location, 30 minutes from the city, but the facility is in a nice area.
  14. random ED interview question i got asked

    yeah that makes total sense that they are looking for her rationales in handing various types of problems.... Anyways, hope you got the job OP.
  15. random ED interview question i got asked

    Not a nurse but from a EMT standpoint you would treat the fever first then abdominal pain and then leg pain last. Leg is last because a fracture is not a life threatening condition....wow you had a skpe interview, that's different.