Hospital sued for faces drawn on surgical patient

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    What the heck is wrong with people these days!!!!
    A Los Angeles woman is suing an area hospital and her anesthesiologist for allegedly putting a mustache and stickers on her face during surgery as part of a prank that she claims violated her dignity and endangered her health.

    The unidentified woman, who worked as a surgical supply purchaser at the hospital, said her coworkers affixed a fake mustache above her lip and yellow tear drops below her left eye before a nurse snapped a photo, according to the suit.

    "Perhaps the most vulnerable position any human being will ever endure in their life is a time when they are placed under full anesthesia," reads the lawsuit, which claims the woman was fully anesthetized rather than sedated "for the sole purpose of humiliating and embarrassing the patient."
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    It was wrong, but I think this lawsuit is a bit much.
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    In very poor taste but unsure how it "endangered her health.
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    Tacky, tacky, tacky, and very unprofessional to do this to a coworker.

    Didn't we have a thread recently about "Would you be a patient in your own hospital?" Here's one woman who will never get care there again.

    Even so. Anybody can sue anybody for anything, but I'm not seeing where the damages are.
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    I don't understand WHY...if you have an issue with this co a harmless prank call...sheesh

    In all seriousness, this is ridiculous...and it goes to show you, sometimes age ain't nothing but a number.
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    Hang on, if she was fully under how would she have known what they were doing and that they took a photo?? Did said co-workers post it in the tea room, FB, tell her??? This story has enough holes that if told in court won't hold up for her to win! Don't get me wrong, if infact this did happen and it could be proven those people are morons!!
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    Here's the thing. When someone is having any sort of surgical procedure, it is stressful.

    When one is a co-worker, you would like to think that you have a keen sense of trust in the people who you allow to care for you. Especially when one is unconcious. It is the most vulnerable state to be in.

    Joking or not, this is really, really embarrasing. And inappropriate. And crosses a line. And is a HUGE privacy violation. And just not funny.

    Worst of all, a picture was taken. This is unreal. And inexcusible.
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    It is inexcusable. At the very least the nurse & anesthesiologist involved should have been suspended, if not fired.

    I reported a situation with a co-worker who took photos regarding a vulnerable patient & then showed them to other staff, including one of the doctors. The nurse was fired. Reporting it was the hardest thing for me to do. But it was the right thing. It was a gross violation of the patient's privacy, dignity & grief.

    It's not cute, funny or a harmless prank to victimize a vulnerable patient. And they should be held responsible.

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    Quote from Nurse Leigh
    In very poor taste but unsure how it "endangered her health.
    They're apparently too busy making fun of her & taking pictures to ensure safety & sterility.

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    How violating. I would sue their buttocks too.
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