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I hate home med lists. Hate, hate, hate them. They come up from the ER with no dosages, no routes, and no correct name. "Stool softener" is not an approved med name. The ER MD checks all the boxes to continue, and I know he/she... Read More

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    Quote from Despareux
    Whatever happened to the electronic medical record system that was supposed to be able to go as far as crossing state boundaries for patients prescription information?

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    Oh yeah! had one recently where the patient was mentally compromised and family unable to come. He ended up with no insulin orders for three days....just po meds. In that chart there were three, possibly four listings of meds. the W-10, discharge and home at least.....wasn't on discharge or W10.
    Quote from Forever Sunshine
    My absolute FAVORITE is getting the LOLs or LOMs from the hospital with 5 pages of meds.
    My 2nd favorite is getting 2 different lists of meds for the same person.
    My 3rd favorite is getting a list of meds scribbled onto the bottom carbon copy of the discharge list.

    Seriously when discharging a patient to a nursing home how hard is it to send us ONE complete neatly, typed list of discharge meds.
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    Working in the ER, the home med list was always a pain in the butt. After I started having health issues I wanted to make sure I wasnt one of "those patients". I used my iphone to list my meds on the "notes" app and made a pic. Printed it out, and my docs and the ER staff when I have to go love it.

    Anne, RNC
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    In my view, outside of the pharmacy setting, reconciliation of medications rest squarely on the shoulders of the RNs. It is a huge problem...but...because it is nurses rather than some professional discipline with actual power within the health system, it stands as unaddressable.
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    I'm a home care nurse. When I admit a patient to home care, I have to try to reconcile their medications. Sometimes it can take hours just trying to FIND all the med bottles in their house! After that, I make a complete med list for them. I always tell the patient to bring that list to their doctors and the hospital. I'm trying to help you guys out.
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    I don't mind the people from the nursing home because at least they come to the hospital with a copy of the list of meds they take at the facility. It is accurate and up to date unlike 75 percent of the patients we het on the floor.

    I had a patient last evening whose wife told me her husband would need something to help him sleep. I asked her what he took at home and she said Melantonin. I looked on the home med list on the computer and did not see it. I asked her what the dose was and she said she did not know (of course). I asked her why she did not list that as a medication for her husband when he came in to the ED. She said she never tells the ED about this med or his vitamins. I then asked her how were we suppose to know he needed this if we were not told. I was a little aggravated because it was not like this was the first time this man had been admitted. He has been on my floor several times. It just makes unnecessary work and phone calls that could have been handled in the beginning. This happens all of the time. It is so aggravating and very unsafe at times.
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    Everything is the nurses responsibility. From the med list to not having the right cable channels to food not being delivered to MRI not wanting to stay and do the MRIs. I love when phlebotomy asks me if they really need to draw the lab. Are you kidding me I am saying to myself. I tell them it is a Drs order and that would be up to the Dr. Or the MRI people who don't want to stay late and ask me if the MRi can wait until tomorrow. This is another are you kidding me thought. Sometimes I tell them that they can call the MD and ask him/her themselves because I do not have the authority to change an order. Besides med orders not being right I think the MRI department and not wanting to do their job is my biggest pet peeve. I would love to be able to ask if I could part of my job off until tomorrow.
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    Home med lists are terrible. Especially when a patient comes up with no orders at all and they expect a dose of every night time med. We are permitted to write one time doses of some meds within reason. It would be so great if the ER physician would reconcile them. I know ER staff is busy but the complaints from that are crazy. And I can't call the doc over the patients flomax they "have to have or they'll die" at 2 am. I'd love it if people would use one pharmacy and we could just access it somehow.
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    Great idea to double check the meds. Nursing is so chaotic and busy it can be easy to enter the wrong thing due to being pulled in 5 directions at once. I wish all patients had nice up to date lists. It is scary when blood pressure meds are incorrect. How do we know if the family or the patient has the med listed and it has been stopped by there PCP. This has happened more than once. Sometimes the family tries to blame the hospital but we always keep a copy of the list of meds that was given to us in the patients chart. Most family members don't realize how important it is to get meds correct.
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    Im in the UK and work in a hospital it might be different if i worked in the community?.
    the only time ive ever had issue with a med is a prn for migraine when the patient requested it and it hadnt been prescribed as wasnt on pcp repeat prescription and not med rec done.
    The verbal information wasn't enough to get the sho (resident) to prescribe.
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