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  1. Hoozdo

    Are you a "Sister?"

    The term has been used in a couple of hospitals I have worked in. I liked it, it made me feel part of the team. I have only heard it used in the ICU field - never in any other area.
  2. Hoozdo

    Do healthcare administrators know one another?

    In my experience as a surveyor, yes, they do know each other. They all keep tabs on each other and each facility.
  3. Hoozdo

    job change back to corrections

    Why dont you apply and see what happens? I applied last week and will be working intake in the main jail downtown. The salary is good, the benefits arealso good. You will find the link for jobs if you google Maricopa Correctional Health employment. I think the only con of working there is that most of the other nurses are cruel and unpleasant.
  4. Hoozdo

    Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    This has been a great thread! I just interviewed for a large metro county jail position and got offered the job today! The job will be in intake which I think will be very interesting. I had a question that I don't think has been addressed here - C-spine precautions. How would you treat a pt that had jumped off a balcony. I have never dealt with a situation like that or worked in neuro so I struggled with the answer a bit. All of the other interview questions have been covered in other posts on this thread. Thank you all for your contributions!
  5. Hoozdo

    Nursing school stress

    So, are you saying you don't normally read your text books? You need to completely change your study habits. Read your text books, highlight important parts as you read, outline the chapter on paper if you need too. I never found study groups helpful - they were a waste of my time in school. I study the best independently. Nursing school is not easy for most students. You can do this, best of luck!
  6. Hoozdo

    Lazy RN looking for a gig

    You might like PRN Home Health. I am working on Sat and Sun only it is mostly enjoyable with low stress. Keep your eyes peeled on Indeed.com and see how often home health companies are looking for PRN personnel.
  7. You are trying to compare apples and oranges. There is not enough info given in your question to even guess at an answer.
  8. Hoozdo

    RN tipping Botox

    I am not sure of the legality, but I go to a med spa in Arizona. I would not even think of tipping a nurse. Nurses are professionals not service people. Would you ever consider tipping a doctor? I know RNs in med spas use the title RN so you do imply you are working under the scope of practice the AZ board of nursing defines. Why take the chance that you are doing something illegal for a paltry tip?
  9. Hoozdo

    Full time vs Part time vs Per Diem

    It's too bad healthcare is not affordable in every state. I am working per diem but my healthcare is $800 a month and that's through COBRA from my old full-time gig. I checked into Obamacare but that would be $1200 a month in my state! I am loving those per-diem hours though.
  10. Hoozdo

    Team work interview question

    Team nursing has left me in a bind a few times. Teams consisted of RN, LPN, and CNA. There were many days when I was the only person on the team (RN). You can't have a team with one person. This was a VA Hospital that did team nursing.
  11. Hoozdo

    Not cut out for home health?

    What book is the Oasis Book for 60 bucks. I think I could use this book and the price isn't outrageous.
  12. Hoozdo

    New job- to quit or not?

    It depends on how much money you have saved. If you can afford a couple of weeks or month with no pay then just quit. Why torture yourself?
  13. I would also ask about volume of patients. Do you have enough patients to allow me to work full time?
  14. Hoozdo

    dropping meds in front of surveyors

    That's why I added if necessary. If the med was still in a wrapper, then no need to waste it
  15. Hoozdo

    dropping meds in front of surveyors

    I used to be a surveyor! It is quite common to drop at least one med during med pass observation, so common it is almost predictable. Just make sure you waste it properly if necessary.