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Hoozdo has 15 years experience as a ADN and specializes in ICU, Research, Corrections.

ICU, PACU, Research

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  1. Hoozdo

    Workmans Compensation and less than FT work

    All 50 states have different rules for workmen's comp. In my state, you get 66 2/3 percent of all workers - which is not much.
  2. Hoozdo

    Has anyone left nursing job due to COVID19 virus?

    Truthfully, I have not been at work since March 10. I am an organ transplant recipient of 20 years and do take immune suppressants. I am out on FMLA currently. I feel no job is worth my life. I do feel like I am letting down my coworkers by being out. Money be damned, my life is more important!
  3. Hoozdo

    Jail house: Good News or Blues?

    Your experience as an LPN will not matter much wherever you're applying for RN in hospital settings. If you are talking Maricopa County, the schedule is not flexible as an LPN. You will be doing heavy-duty med passes. I can't speak to any other counties or jails in AZ.
  4. Hoozdo

    Job interview

    Read this thread in its entirety:
  5. Excellent article Safetynurse! 20 years ago I had a liver transplant and I got C. Diff. It is sheer misery.....I did a 90 day course of PO Vancomycin for the infection. It worked for me, but the drug is very expensive. Yes, I would pick a fecal transplant any day for a treatment.
  6. Hoozdo

    BON and alleged verbal abuse via pt

    Your facility can not let it slide. That is a federal standard - the facility must investigate any allegations of abuse. Additionally, you are not supposed to be in the facility until it is investigated. The result of the facility investigation is then forwarded, along with the complaint, to whatever entity in your state facilitates nursing home complaints and licensing.
  7. Pregnant heroin addicts - particularly ones that are nodding out when I am trying to get a history on them. 😖
  8. Hoozdo

    bring back post preview when hovering over title!

    Is there any status update on this feature? Is it foolish for us to want this feature back? I really, really, really miss it!
  9. Hoozdo

    Phoenix-area ICUs

    Here is a list of all Arizona trauma centers: https://www.azdhs.gov/documents/preparedness/emergency-medical-services-trauma-system/trauma/az-designated-trauma-centers.pdf I can't say any particular hospital system is better than another as far as a positive environment. I have worked ICU for a few on this list in the past.
  10. Hoozdo

    Back on med/surg after 15 years

    As you get closer to retirement age (or early retirement age) this fact will be more important. 20K a year will make a difference in your life when you consider what you will make from social security. Check out the social security website online to see how much you will earn on social security. You might even be able to retire early with the addition of extra pension money!
  11. Hoozdo


    Are any of the hospitals teaching hospitals? I really enjoy the environment of a teaching hospital. You could really pick up a lot of information from sticking close to the attending and residents while they are making rounds. It is a great learning experience and you are free to ask any questions to the attendings once you get to know them. Most of the doctors are there because they LOVE to teach.
  12. Hoozdo

    Variation in nursing job markets

    Do you have a CCRN certification? I know in my city that would make you a lot more marketable.
  13. Hoozdo

    Arizona state/government hospitals

    The pension plan requires you put 11% of your pre-tax pay into the plan. It is not optional. The benefits are wonderful. However, state nursing jobs do not give raises.........ever. County nursing jobs do.
  14. Hoozdo

    bring back post preview when hovering over title!

    Yes, yes, pretty please!
  15. Hoozdo

    Has anyone acted as an "expert witness"?

    I have never been an expert witness but I have been on a jury that has seen probably about 15 of them - almost all in the medical field. Last year I was on a jury for 7 months for a murder one case - the victim was a child. The case is adjudicated now. Expert witnesses are paid handsomely. They have to admit while testifying how much they are making for all work done on the case. They also have to testify how they are qualified to be an expert witness. Expert witnesses do this as a career. They don't do it part time.
  16. Hoozdo

    Are you a "Sister?"

    The term has been used in a couple of hospitals I have worked in. I liked it, it made me feel part of the team. I have only heard it used in the ICU field - never in any other area.