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My GF just graduated from a private nursing school. *ITT*. They have a decent enough program but they are not yet NLNAC accredited. She has worked as a tech at a major hospital in my area for 2.5 years and was essentially... Read More

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    Quote from sali22
    Same in my area. I am assuming thats why none of the tech schools here (itt, kaplan..) Offer an RN program. I also believe you can't work for the VA hospitals anywhere.

    Maybe your girlfriend can get into an nln or ccne approved RN to BSN program and get a job at a hospital after that.
    Most schools won't recognize for profit school credits. She could probably go to University of Phoenix, but that won't change the fact that her RN education is not accredited, and I think that may still hinder her in the future unfortunately.

    Just FYI, if you watch the ITT commercials, it has in the middle of the screen they show their contact info (right at the end of the commercial) that "Credits earned are unlikely to transfer. It was easily seen and not in the tiny disclaimer print usually used. I don't know if this is a new thing for them, but I noticed it just the other day, and all I could do was wonder why anyone would fork out that much money KNOWING they might not find a job, and that they will not be able to transfer to a respectable school to further themselves. I feel sorry for those who were lied to and told they would be just as marketable as those attending traditional schools.

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