Have You Had A Strange Reaction To A Drug Administered In The Hospital - page 2

I will start. In 2002, I crashed in the ER. My vital signs were bottoming out. I had CHF with septicemia and pneumonia. I was rushed into the trauma room, intubated, and a central line was placed in my jugular vein. Since I'm... Read More

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    IVP dye!! Told the nurse in the radiology dept I didnt feel quite so well. Her response was it will subside in just a moment and walked away. Needless to say I got the major "hotflash" of my life, vomited a huge amount of bile only, then out I went. Woke up intubated, on the vent, ng tube, f/c the works.
    Second instance was with knee surgery in which recieved Morphine post op - my arm was itching slightly but they went ahead and gave me a second dose. Well you can get the story from there on lol, I'm allergic to morphine!

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