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  1. February 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    No way is your blood sugar 500 after eating a salad... where are you hiding the Skittles?
  2. I notice nice veins!

    My husbands best friend, a well-built young man with multiple veins that I have eyed ever since knowing him, got into a motorcycle accident last year. After his release, during our first visit, and after our cordial "how are you feeling?" greetings ...
  3. I never, ever went to ER when I was a kid

    I'm trying to remember if I went to the ER as a child. My parents were poor, and didn't have health insurance, so I don't remember any trips to the doctor or ER until I was 17 for an abscess. Then, I did go a few times in my 20s (still no insurance...
  4. January 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Ain't nobody got the money for THAT!
  5. I asked for Christmas off and they...

    The way our unit works- and as far as I know only our unit and only nightshift- on the 5 winter holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, NYE, and New Years Day we place our order of preference down to have off 1-5. We must work 2 of them. T...
  6. If you have kids, when do you study?

    When I was in nursing school I purposely scheduled classes with a 1-2 hour break. That was the majority of my study time. Also, if I had a 10am class I would get to school at 7am and study in the lounge. Also, I am a visual learner... I cannot lea...
  7. Hospital Marketing FAIL

    That hospital changed their signs around a year ago so there was no longer a "30 minute" promise. Now I think the signage reads "Quick ER" or something similar. KateICURN- we must be coworkers.
  8. New grad, new job, 1 week of orientation. :/

    That's ridiculous. When I was in your position (worked as a extern/PCA) I still received 5 weeks of orientation. Since then they've cut orientation from 6 weeks to 4 weeks which is still not enough IMO (specialized med-surg unit). Does your "mento...
  9. What are you good at?

    The other day at work I had a series of small issues with a patient. First, I couldn't get the CPM to fit right no matter what adjustmants I made. So I brought in our floor "CPM expert" to help get it properly fitted. Then, the blocks started leaki...
  10. 100-200 questions per day

    That was my main strategy for preparing for the NCLEX and I passed with 75 questions and in 30 minutes. I felt I was very well prepared, but I also researched each question I missed and would even read further into it. Seriously, 100 questions if d...
  11. Calling a Death

    I'm not an ER nurse, but spent a few weeks doing a stint in the ER. We had a MVA and the doctor asked the same thing... "Anyone else have any ideas?" I think it's a matter of respect and making sure everythings been covered. Only experienced it on...
  12. Any RN in the surgical world got a few moments....

    I work with post op joint patients and other fresh surgeries, some have standard care paths and specific post-op orders. Orders for the degrees on a CPM, and whether or not it's even used, is based on the doctor and the patient situation. Some pati...
  13. What are your must-do's?

    I cannot sit to chart until all my physical work has been done. I have to check the last 2-3 pages of orders before doing anything else... I hate surprise orders at 2am. A couple of weeks ago I was too busy to do this task and found a stat potassi...
  14. When did you decide nursing was for you?

    In 2002 I was working at a well known company, making decent money for a single girl, doing a job I hated and was slowly but surely getting shipped overseas. At the same time, my grandmother became seriously ill, and was transported from FL to IN on...
  15. Indiana State University - Online

    I graduated there with my BSN... but I don't know anything about their on-line program