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Friend's husband has numbness of tongue

  1. 0 My friend's husband has had numbness of the tongue on both sides for about a month. He has no other symptoms. He's going to see a nuero tomorrow but she's freaking out, thinking it's a tumor or something. Anyone ever heard of this?
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    nope. i wish him well!
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    Sounds strange for it to be both sides of the tongue and nowhere else.

    Can't help but wonder if it is something simple like an allergy to an ingredient in his toothpaste or chewing gum or such. (Celery makes my tongue numb.)
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    Or maybe it's that new, strawberry flavored.....oh nevermind.
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    That is one symptom that MS can present with. There is also Bells Palsy which sometimes will affect the tongue.
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    Wishing your friend and her husand well. Please keep us posted...
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    Nope I better keep this a decent post and my mind outta the gutter.

    Nah seriously hope he gets well and they figure out what wrong with his tongue.
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    I hope it's something simple too...he's going to the neuro tonite so maybe by the weekend they'll know something. I'll let you guys know when I find out. I didn't know MS could present like that though. And his wife, my friend is thinking the worst, like a tumor. So I hope he's okay too.
    Amy:kiss :kiss :kiss
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    My friend AMYRN referred me to this board regarding another post, and I stumbled upon this one that she posted about my husband! How sweet! What a thoughtful person she is! I didn't even know she had posted it. And she's not even someone I've ever met! We met online, and she was kind enough to post this to try to help me out when I was literally freaking out!
    As an update, my husband had an MRI. The day he had it, the numbness went away! After we paid $600 cash for the procedure! So the MRI cured him! Ha ha!
    Anyway, the person who mentioned the allergy.........that might be the closest. This is going to sound weird. It always happened after he drank his morning coffee from 7-11. It would be fine in the morning, he'd drink the coffee, and wham the tongue went numb. And was numb all day until late at night or the next AM. He kept telling me maybe it was the coffee, but I thought he was nuts. He didn't go to 7-11 the day of the MRI, and hasn't been back, and the tongue hasn't been numb since. Now he still drinks coffee, just not from 7-11. Go figure.
    The MRI was negative.
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    Weird is right. Glad the MRI was negative. Best wishes.
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    Is your husband allergic to nuts? I am and my tongue goes numb if I eat or drink something that has a nut residue.
    Perhaps 7-11 brews flavored coffee that has almonds or hazlenuts and the residue is in the lines.
    Just a thought....
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    Interesting thought. I don't know that he's allergic to nuts, but I don't think he really eats them that often, either.