Falsify credentials

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    what happens if you are caught with a falsified ACLS credential

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    I have no way of knowing, but I assume that each facility's policies are different.

    Guessing that termination would be automatic, and likely reported to the BON. Fraudulently representing your credentials is quite serious. Don't do it.
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    Loss of job, report to BoN, perhaps notice to AHA. Damage to reputation, ineligible for rehire & likely unemployment. Risk to patient lives if you have a false credential and no training. Possibly losing your eligibility for professional liability/malpractice insurance.

    Is it worth it?
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    Get fired. Maybe face BON reprimand or suspension due to unprofessional behavior. Maybe face lawsuit or criminal negligence if patient dies in your care. Crazy to risk any of these options
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    why and HOW does one go about falsifying an ACLS cert, and WHY would someone want to???
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    I have seen several students fake BLS certification for clinical placement. All were removed from the program.

    In practice, the BON might suspend your license.
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    what's your reason for asking???
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    Quote from LadyFree28
    why and HOW does one go about falsifying an ACLS cert, and WHY would someone want to???
    My thoughts exactly. Why go through all the trouble to falsify the credentials when you could just take the class?
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    Tell your "friend" or whoever it is to just take the damn course.
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    You mean you've been a nurse for 35 years and you don't know?
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