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The faces behind the scene - do you ever wonder what the staff are like who moderate allnurses? Did you know we have at least a 100 plus years of nursing experience to bring to the table and that we all work full time in our... Read More

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    Thanks Kay, and for the peeps I know, your descriptions were spot on!!
    I hope to see many AN'ers in Boston!
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    you are all wonderful, thank you
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    Quote from dianah
    Thanks Kay, and for the peeps I know, your descriptions were spot on!!
    I hope to see many AN'ers in Boston!
    You know one day I will be picking and grinning for you
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    We need to organize a giant AN celebration. I can think of lots of people I'd love to meet face to face. How big is Brian's backyard?
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    Thanks for introducing the members!
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    Quote from Esme12
    I plan on being at NTI as it is on my turf of Boston. I am another ancient nurse but new to the mod staff. I graduated nursing school when I was 18 years old and I can't dream of anything else I'd rather be when I grow up. I have been a member here since 2005 and I have loved every minute of it. My specialty is critical care and emergency medicine. I have worked the inner city DMZ zones and the outback of rural Indiana which remains my heart and home. I LOVE to teach and I am the middle child peace keeper......but I will always call them as I see them. I am honest and kind and always ready with a hug or a smile. Allnurses has given me so much more than I can ever give it. It has given me a family and friendships I cherish.

    I can't wait to meet everyone in Boston!
    I would love to meet you in Boston!
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    Quote from madwife2002
    I would love to meet you in Boston!
    I'll be the one on wheels....
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    What roller blades?
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    Brian's backyard is pretty big. Definitely big enough for an AN get-together. What do you say, Brian?? Your place... summertime?

    Somehow dianah has been missed in this who's-who. This little lady (emphasis on the "lady") is a dynamo! In addition to working hard as a nurse, raising a family and modding at AN, she plays in a band that travels all over the southwest that has just released a CD. If memory serves, they're on a cruise ship somewhere warm and sunny right now.

    RN/Writer has retired her mod hat but still makes her presence felt. Her experience, wisdom, kindness, sense of humour and generosity of spirit can be found just about everywhere on this site. She and her husband have a large and growing family that keep them happily busy these days. I know I miss her a lot!
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    Wow! Thank you all for your efforts. I enjoy this forum a lot.
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