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Cessna172 has 12 years experience and specializes in ICU & LTAC as RN. FNP.

I like fishing and being outdoors. 4 years Army aviation unit.

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  1. Cessna172

    APA format - hard to crack!

    The PERRLA software helped tremendously. It kept a file of every reference I used, so it was easy to reference that again. I still had to use the APA book alot because the software didn't do everything, but it sure beat the microsoft APA template. Use it if at all possible.
  2. Cessna172

    Collaborating physician problems

    Start looking for a different position. I have had really good experiences with physicians so far. There are some, apparently like the one you work with, who think they are superior and like to belittle others. The doc I work for treats me with respect, and answers any question I have, without any attitude. Do yourself a favor, find another doc.
  3. Cessna172

    I need to interview a NP in family medicine or internal medicine

    I turned on private messages, sorry, didn't know it was off.
  4. Cessna172

    I need to interview a NP in family medicine or internal medicine

    Sure, can you private message me your email address?
  5. Cessna172

    FNPs! What area were you in when you were a nurse?

    I worked in the Er, PACU, but primarily in the ICU. It gave me alot of good experience, which I have learned that helped me get a job in primary care. Several docs have commented that I will be able to tell when a patient needs to be at an ER, rather than in the clinic. For the most part, they're right.
  6. Cessna172

    Walden University - the latest on the FNP program

    I would like to add something to this discussion. I graduated last December from McNeese State Univ in Louisiana. The dean of our Np program left the univ at the same time, and now is teaching at Walden's. I believe she left so that she would have more family time. I won't put her name up on a forum board, but to me she was one of the best instructors/leaders/mentors I could have asked for. If that is the caliber of people Walden's hires, then I believe their NP program is alright. Our program was primarily online, however the univ is a real place a block from my home, Google McNeese if you want to.
  7. What tubing is reused for dialysis machines? It's been a very long time since I have seen it, but I thought the complete circuit was changed. Could someone please enlighten me? Thanks.
  8. Cessna172

    Anyone NOT work during NP program?

    I worked very little at the beginning of NP school, and basically quit work about a semester into school. Thankfully I had the financial means to do so, as it sounds like you do. As far as losing skills, well I guess I did, at least some. I had been working ICU, and I didn't care if I lost some of those skills, as I didn't plan on working in that setting again. You won't forget the essential skills, they are part of you by now, but taking care of a vented patient isn't among my duties now, so it was fine with me. Additionally, just by chance, I got a PRN charge nurse job at a LTAC about half way thru school, which I am still employed PRN. I haven't quit there even though my job is now in primary care, but I like the PRN position and the other employees too. Some may disagree, but I recommend not working while in school, if able. I truly respect those that can work alot while in school, but I chose to just focus on school and family. I don't regret it one bit either, and no one ever questioned why I didn't also work. It's clearly listed on my CV when I left my job, but school filled the gap.
  9. Cessna172

    What was your first NP job?

    I live in Louisiana. Please excuse all the typos on my previous post, my IPAD wannabe device was touchy.
  10. Cessna172

    What was your first NP job?

    I also had difficulty finding a job. I got a job with the physician whom I did clinicals with, working along side his full time NP on Friday, which was the docs day off. It worked out well, and even though I was only paid for one day a week, I showed up the other days too. I saw patients, etc, but still was looking for a job at least for mon - thur, without much luck. But, the drug reps who called on us were very helpful in landing my current job, that I start next week. They know who's looking for an np and put me in touch with those docs. Just as I was getting discouaged, I got about 3 leads on who was looking for an np. Getting one doc in particular to call was a challenge, so I dropped in with my resume. I'm glad I did, he called HR and sent me to be hired. Timimng was everything as I had just interviewed with another doc, and I had a little leverage to negotiate a better salary. So, I understand where you are coming from, I went from no leads to 3 in about 2 weeks, don't get too discouraged. If you know any drug reps, ask them to ask around, as the ones I mmet were super helpful.
  11. Cessna172

    ONLINE NP students....

    I just wanted to clarify, included in my time spent studying was time spent on assignments as well. There were several semesters where I had 12 to 18 hours a day doing assignments and studying for tests. My university is literally a block away from my house, but the program was based online primarily. I was able to work very little, fortunately. I had 2 to 3 classes per semester.
  12. Cessna172

    ONLINE NP students....

    I spent probably 30 to 40 hours per week, at least, but often more.
  13. Cessna172

    Adult vs. Family Practitioner

    If you surely don't want to see young children, do the ANP. I am glad I did the FNP program, as I don't mind seeing the young ones, but I am not going to work in a pediatric clinic either. We have an ANP at the family practice clinic, and when a pedi comes in, either I or the physician sees that patient. Just remember that if you do the FNP, and go into a clinic where young children are patients, then you most likely will be caring for them.
  14. Cessna172

    Predictor test(s) for AANP

    I agree with dark10gable. If you look on my previous posts, I detailed my study method, which included using the APEA website's review questions and a few predictor tests. I personally liked the predictor tests and the question bank was valuable to my studying. I passed, so of course I'm happy with it, and I can recommend it with confidence. I also used the Fitz review book, which was helpful also.
  15. Cessna172

    Question about gauged ears.

    Interesting indeed. I accidentally closed this page, and upon reopening it saw an ad on the right side for some kind of round decorative thing. After looking closer, it was an ad for guage ear plugs.
  16. Cessna172

    Good family clinical guideline book

    I bought 'Practice guidelines for family nurse practitioners', 3rd edition' by Fenstermacher, on the recommendation from an NP, it's ok, but my classmate was using the 5-Minute clinical consult book the other day while we were at clinicals. Her book looked very useful. Good luck.