EMT-B + STNA = ER Nurse?

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    I was told today that as a Nationally Registered EMT Basic and a State Tested Nursing Assistant, all I would need is certification in Meds Control (?) {i.e. ability to give medication} to be hired as an ER Nurse? Is this true?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Nope. Not true. You could engage in a lot of the functions that you'd see a nurse doing in the ER, but you won't be a licensed nurse and won't be paid the same.
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    so a nurse in job, but not title?
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    a nurse in neither
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    You could be hired as an ER tech...but definitely not an ER nurse. There is still a big difference between EMT B/STNA and being an RN
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    In order to be hired as an ER nurse you would need to complete a nursing program and pass the NCLEX.You cannot hired as or called a nurse unless you have done this.
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    You can be a nurse ASSISTANT in the ER, often called ER tech's, but you cannot be a NURSE of any type without going to nursing school and passing the NCLEX.
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    Like evryone else said, no... I am an NREMTP and had to go to nursing school to become an RN, only to quit because I hated it. Make sure nursing is really what you want to do before investing in schooling...

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    Most EMS workers wouldn't do well in a definitive care setting. James, RN, NREMT-P, soon to be NP

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