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  1. GilaRRT

    How old were you when you started Nursing School?

    As others have said, being older is often not a problem. I was nineteen when I started nursing school, but was thirty when I started respiratory school. There are many what some would call nontraditional students entering nursing as a second or third...
  2. GilaRRT

    ACLS Provider Manual

    April, 2011 is the publish date of the current book. You can go to many places like Amazon to buy the book. Make sure you buy a book that has the cards because the cards will be very helpful.
  3. I completed the RN to BSN programme about a year ago. I had to complete 44 units. Was able to complete 26 units the first term, then completed the final 18 units the second term. It's actually a pretty straight foreword experience. Most of the classe...
  4. GilaRRT

    Ventillator brands used.

    The Servo-i, Evita XL and the PB 840 are three of the most common ventilators in the United States. However, you may run into many different types throughout the United States including older types such as the PB 7200. What do you mean by having no u...
  5. GilaRRT

    Hyper and hypo ventilation with PaCO2 levels

    No horn tooting here. I happen to have a good appreciation of these particular topics because I am both a respiratory therapist and registered nurse, therefore I think I have something to offer. However, you will not often find me posting on threads ...
  6. GilaRRT

    Hyper and hypo ventilation with PaCO2 levels

    My problem with this Oxygen business are nurses who are practicing that truly believe any patient with COPD who receives more than 2 LPM via NC will spontaneously combust as their head pops of and rolls down the hallway. Perhaps not so dramatic, but ...
  7. GilaRRT

    Hyper and hypo ventilation with PaCO2 levels

    Yeah, pH is such a complex "doctor" concept. It's not like we are calculating pKa values for carbonic acid or anything exceedingly complex on this thread. I would agree with your point if we were calculating wavefunction solutions or having in-depth ...
  8. GilaRRT

    Hyper and hypo ventilation with PaCO2 levels

    Yes, pH change is going to be the primary stimulus.
  9. GilaRRT

    Hyper and hypo ventilation with PaCO2 levels

    There exists a very important point that most people do not consider. Carbon dioxide by its self does not really effect breathing. Our primary stimulus to breath is not based on CO2 levels. In fact, pH change is our primary stimulus to breath. Centra...
  10. GilaRRT

    Madame, your ignorance is astounding

    Pretty harsh comments directed at somebody who is probably ignorant about what we do. I assume many of us are ignorant about what other professionals do in their day to day work. I've even experienced ignorance among different health care providers. ...
  11. GilaRRT

    No wonder our profession is messed up

    Same here. Nothing personal; however, I want a physician directing my care and I want a physician providing my anaesthesia.
  12. GilaRRT

    NRP certification online?

    Actually, the American Academy of Pediatrics is changing the way NRP will be completed. Everybody will have to do the online component and then have a period of time to find an instructor for skills validation. As a NRP instructor, I recently complet...
  13. GilaRRT

    What states have a prehospital RN scope of practice??

    Challenge NREMT? I'm an RN, RRT and NREMT-I/85 and I've just been notified by the NREMT that I must take the entire NREMT exam over in addition to taking a transition class just to maintain AEMT credentials. If not, I loose and will be demoted to EMT...
  14. GilaRRT

    Why can only nurses call the MD?

    I'm sorry the RT sandbagged on you. I also wanted to clarify that RT's can have misconceptions about RN scope of practice. One thing I see frequently are RT's that believe nurses cannot look at a ventilator. Unfortunately, we are often ignorant about...
  15. GilaRRT

    Why can only nurses call the MD?

    Actually, in my area of the country a registered respiratory therapist is a licensed provider with a minimum of an associate degree just like a nurse. The RRT is in fact well within their scope to obtain orders from the physician. Also, the RT is ul...