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  1. GilaRRT

    How old were you when you started Nursing School?

    As others have said, being older is often not a problem. I was nineteen when I started nursing school, but was thirty when I started respiratory school. There are many what some would call nontraditional students entering nursing as a second or third career or simply starting later on in life.
  2. GilaRRT

    ACLS Provider Manual

    April, 2011 is the publish date of the current book. You can go to many places like Amazon to buy the book. Make sure you buy a book that has the cards because the cards will be very helpful.
  3. I completed the RN to BSN programme about a year ago. I had to complete 44 units. Was able to complete 26 units the first term, then completed the final 18 units the second term. It's actually a pretty straight foreword experience. Most of the classes will have you do a project or series of projects that you turn in for grading. It's pretty much pass or fail but the rubric is very specific and if you follow it you will likely succeed. A few of the classes mandate that you take an exam that you will have to set up through an approved site, or you can take at home, but somebody watches you through a webcam. The general flow is as much or as little as you make it. You have to complete 12 units a term to stay in good standing however. I would recommend going all out if possible, because you pay by the term and not per credit/unit. I was told most people take about three terms to complete, but going hard can be the difference between a $6,000 degree and a $9,000 degree. Additionally, you will be talking to your mentor quite frequently during the first month or so during the first term, but that will eventually die down to once every week or two as long as you are making satisfactory progress. I would strongly recommend you make sure that you are very comfortable writing papers using APA format because you will spend a good portion of your time writing papers. All in all, it was a fairly painless experience. Do not expect to have significant freedom in how you will do your assignments and what topics to choose, particularly when you are doing the nursing courses. There is a formula for success and you would do well to stick with it even though it does tend to limit creativity and out of the box thinking.
  4. GilaRRT

    Ventillator brands used.

    The Servo-i, Evita XL and the PB 840 are three of the most common ventilators in the United States. However, you may run into many different types throughout the United States including older types such as the PB 7200. What do you mean by having no use of the Drager? The Evita XL is a fine ventilator with many pros, especially when it comes to monitoring lung mechanics IMHO. The flow sensor is prone to breaking if not handled properly, but that's the only clear pitfall I can appreciate.
  5. GilaRRT

    Pay discrepancies? Security makes more then ER tech?

    What about paramedics with degrees? EMS is heavily "male dominated" and even in areas where they are "licensed" and have degrees, they are woefully underpaid.
  6. GilaRRT

    Pay discrepancies? Security makes more then ER tech?

    Perhaps, you will learn a lesson from all this. Life isn't always fair by your standards and what some people consider "more responsibility" may differ from your personal definition. You can always apply to be a security guard if the pay is a show stopper. This apparent disparity permeates all of life. I know truck drives with less education than I who make considerably more with far less education. I can complain about it, be a truck driver or be happy that I have a job and can live fairly comfortably. Likewise, I made a great salary working as a contractor in Afghanistan while soldiers were out doing impossible missions making far less. Again, this world is often not fair by your personal standards.If you make a fair wage compared to other ER tech's, are treated well at work and have an acceptable quality of life, you really have no valid reason to complain IMHO.
  7. GilaRRT

    Enough is enough- taking back our profession

    How about we focus on taking back nursing from ourselves? Many of our problems are iatrogenic.
  8. GilaRRT

    Ketamine during an emergent intubation

    This is an anamolus issue. Ketamine generally has a rapid onset of action. One thing to seriously consider is the fact that the medication was not given properly or for some reason did not make it into the patient. A similar situation occurred with a flight crew in my area of the woods. Etomidate was given without any effect. A second dose was given without significant effect. Someone apparently had the idea to start another IV and another dose was administered with desired effect. The crew swore the IV was good, but were open to suggestions. This scenario was actually turned into a new hire test to look at critical thinking. A bad lot may be another consideration.
  9. GilaRRT

    Obama calls morning-after pill call `common sense'

    Is there a large body of good evidence that suggests the "target" audience cannot use it safely? Maybe there is; however, I am not going to base my opinion on feelings.
  10. GilaRRT

    Obama calls morning-after pill call `common sense'

    A solid post except I'm not keet to make my mind up based on anecdote, n=1 experiences. Is there a large body of peer reviewed, reproducible evidence that strongly suggests plan B is inherently more pernicious than OTC meds that are well established as being potentially harmful?
  11. GilaRRT

    Obama calls morning-after pill call `common sense'

    Sometimes, generally responsible and well raised people also make mistakes.
  12. GilaRRT

    Obama calls morning-after pill call `common sense'

    If you can provide compelling evidence that plan-B is more pernicious than Tylenol, I might be on board. Otherwise, it's just a n=1 anecdote. Unfortunately, there is a massive body of evidence regarding the danger of Tylenol.
  13. GilaRRT

    Obama calls morning-after pill call `common sense'

    Tylenol isn't exactly a benign medication. In fact, many patients a year may end up being ghosted due to Tylenol issues.
  14. GilaRRT

    Obama calls morning-after pill call `common sense'

    Shoot, look at how many older, experienced people inadvertently overdose on OTC meds such as Tylenol. This older, more experienced argument is inane IMHO. Convince me plan B is more pernicious than Tylenol or some of the "natural" supplements and I will gladly advocate for prescription only status.
  15. GilaRRT

    NOW how does it feel???

    Unprofessional actions IMHO. You probably didn't solve anything. However, you very well may have exacerbated the original issue. If you end up having to go to a manager about his behaviour, you may have a difficult time because your behaviour was not exactly kosher. Why didn't you just confront him directly and let him know exactly what he did wrong and why it was wrong. Then, you could have worked out a plan to for correction. Let him know you do not want to go up the chain and that if there are no issues you will drop it; however, if this behaviour continues you will take it up the chain of command and document the occurrences. For example: "Hey, I didn't appreciate you leaving the bag in the sink. It looks messy, conveys an unprofessional view of the hospital to family, friends and other employees and is an infection control issue. From now on I expect that you will dispose of used bags properly. I'll give you a pass this time but if it happens again, I will go to management and I will document these occurrences."
  16. GilaRRT

    CEN exam question

    Yes, dosage calculations may show up. I believe I had to do a dopamine infusion when I took the CEN. Of course, the content has changed a bit from when I took the exam.