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CVmursenary has 1 years experience and specializes in Cardiothoracic ICU.

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  1. CVmursenary

    Infusing in the Yellow PA Port on A swan

    In addition to infusing in the distal port; it is also unsafe to have a PA without transducing it as it could be wedged. Sounds like it should have been pulled.
  2. CVmursenary

    Insight for a successful transition from CCU to CVSICU?

    Recovering open hearts is really fun because the patients usually do really well and are up in about in less than 24 hours. There is generally protocol for extubation and you will learn to know which patients will be easily extubated. Open hearts are rewarding because the patients are often grateful for keeping their pain down and also that they improve so rapidly after surgery. You will do well in this unit if you anticipate patient needs and have an eye for noticing minor trends. Extubate and mobilize your patients quickly as long as they are stable and the doctors will like you.
  3. CVmursenary

    Best paid nursing jobs?

    Staff Nurse jobs in parts of California pay the most. 50 60 70 an hour is not uncommon. I got a per diem at kaiser at $60 an hour with 2 years experience.
  4. CVmursenary

    Vasopressor and Inotrope Titration Orders

    Same thing at my place; its really a shame because those medications don't just affect 1 parameter so it really worsens patient care.
  5. CVmursenary

    Food police?

    they can eat whatever they want; I will tell them the side effects of the food that they want to eat but I personally do not care if they choose to follow my advice or not.
  6. CVmursenary

    Any recommendation on ICU apps

    If you want a reference; get the Manual of Perioperative care of Adult Cardiac Surgery; it is very in depth and should able to educate you on all things cardiac surgery.
  7. CVmursenary


    Where i work, anesthesia does not even advance the PAC into a wedged position on insertion. Also you'd have to be pretty inattentive to not notice an accidental wedge; it looks nothing like a proper PA waveform.
  8. CVmursenary

    Critical Thinking

    "Always, always follow your facility policy." Unfortunately policy at my hospital has taken critical thinking out of the nurses scope of practice.
  9. CVmursenary

    "Difficult" Patients

    treat them like any patient; assess them and givem their meds and shut the door; call it a night
  10. CVmursenary

    Are swans going "out of style?"

    We get patients into the chair with a swan.
  11. CVmursenary

    Time Management for the Not So New Grad

    Biggest time management tip from me is to Bathe the patient at the beginning of shift; this is really the best way to assess them anyways so just knock it all out at the beginning
  12. CVmursenary

    RCU ( Respiratory Care Unit) experience for CRNA school

    No; without invasive monitoring, you will not be titrating medication. Its probably a unit for stable vents.
  13. CVmursenary

    RNs pulling pleural chest tubes

    I pull these too; just ask them to inhale, pull with vasaline dressing and hold pressure for a minute or 2 and place pressure tape.
  14. CVmursenary

    EKG/Arrhythmia Interpretations

    "Rapid Interpretation of EKG's" teaches the physiology of an EKG; much better way to learn than memorizing strips
  15. CVmursenary

    Chest Tube Question

    Just because its kinked doesnt mean it caused a pneumothorax; if it was bleeding or draining sanguinous fluid quickly then that is possible. Did much drainage come out after it was straightened out?
  16. CVmursenary

    ICU or ER?...Dec 2012 Grad

    I am a pretty new nurse working in ICU but i am able to pick up shifts in the ER. I dont think my facility would allow new ER nurses to work in the ICU. Working in ICU allows you to get comfortable with sick patients the fastest.