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  1. Never heard of it, but for your sake I hope it's nothing like PBDS.
  2. We have a similar policy on our ortho floor. No pee by 4-6 hours? Bladder scan. Scan shows over 200-300mL (depends on MD)? Foley. I'd rather do a straight cath to relieve the patient temporarily, since the foley usually ends up staying in for at least 24 hours. But alas, an order for a foley is an order for a foley.
  3. Turd Ferguson

    Documentation of Pain Reassessment

    We have a similar problem hospital wide, here is a basic flowsheet of what has transpired. 1. Establish expectations for reassessment of pain (within 30 minutes for IV meds, 1 hour for PO, "timely manner" for other interventions such as hot/cold compress, repositioning, etc...). As you mentioned, pain was being treated but documentation was just not happening. V V 2. Hold nurses accountable for documentation, random audit type of scenario. Still not working, documentation of reassessment still low. V V 3. Charge nurse audits ALL pain interventions and reassessments for ALL nurses on the floor every 4 hours. This is the most recent policy put into place. It takes massive amounts of time, and sometimes prevents the charge nurse from fulfilling other duties... but it's worked so far. I have mixed feelings.
  4. Turd Ferguson

    Dilaudid Max Dose

    Good gosh! What's the ratio of Dilaudid to Morphine... isn't it around 1mg Dilaudid = 8mg Morphine?
  5. Turd Ferguson

    What's new in nursing?

    Rep said it's beneficial for patients with deep bone pain (ortho surgery, minor traumas) to be discharged home. Comes in a case of 5 and I believe there's 24 hours worth of doses (q6h?) in each bottle. I think the goal is to relieve/prevent the patient's dependance on oral narcotics once discharged.
  6. Turd Ferguson

    What's new in nursing?

    The repetitive topics and posts on AllNurses have bored me. I'll try to break the monotony and offer a thread where we can discuss the latest and greatest pertaining to nursing. Here's two products I've recently come across during inservices: Intranasal Toradol: KCI N.P.W.T. Prevena Module: http://www.kci1.com/KCI1/prevena Patients can be discharged with negative pressure wound therapy. Portable module, easy to use. This thing's pretty cool. If you've never dealt with NPWT, check out some of the videos on KCI's website.
  7. Turd Ferguson

    Best practices in Discharge Process

    My floor has had such a position before. Discharge/float RN, also helps with admissions. Really took some of the excess burden off the floor nurses and expedited the d/c process, which in turn sped up the admission process. Sadly, like many other things, the $$ just isn't there and that position no longer exists.
  8. Turd Ferguson

    Baby's death spotlights safety risks linked to computerized systems

    Very sad situation for all involved. My heart especially goes out to the family. Hopefully the higher ups will analyze what went wrong, why it went wrong, and figure out a way to prevent it from happening again.
  9. Turd Ferguson

    My degree is not worth the debt!

    My wife and I are in a similar situation. She accrued ~$65,000 in student loans for her education... she is now employed making near-minimum wage with scant benefits. The position she holds is about as high as she can go for the career path she chose (of course nobody at her University alerted her to this possibility). It's definitely intimidating, frustrating, and downright scary when planning for the future.
  10. Turd Ferguson

    Nurse vs. Doctor videos

    Found this while browsing around on YouTube. There are plenty of similar videos on there a la XtraNormal variety. You've gotta admit... that's pretty funny.
  11. Turd Ferguson

    New Grad Charge Nurse for Rehab to Home Unit

    Wow. Being hired as a new grad into a charge role with six weeks of orientation does not equate with being the safest practicing new grad you can be. Wow.
  12. Turd Ferguson

    Woman dies at her funeral

    Haha! The picture in the article is interesting.
  13. Turd Ferguson

    Almost done with nursing school..but......

    To add to this, a tattoo should not be any reason for an employer to discriminate against you during the hiring process. If they inform you that you need to cover it, just smile and say "not a problem".
  14. Turd Ferguson

    Experience and Employment: The Vicious Cycle

    Poor recruiters at St. John's... they're going to have their hands full tomorrow!
  15. Turd Ferguson

    rehabilitation center interview tomorrow.. any advice?

    Search AllNurses for interviewing skills... there are some great resources on this site.