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One of my patients, a hard-nosed nurse who retired from the profession after more than 30 years of duty, struck up a conversation with me not too long ago about shift work. “What hours do you work?” she interrogated. Her New... Read More

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    Have worked 3-11 many years, but never more than a .7 FTE. I used to love it, but no longer.
    Gone are the days when 7-3 did all the discharges. We do at least half of the dc's as well as many transfers off to allow for admits and transfers in. We have a mix of 12s and 8s, and the 12 hour days feel they should not have to take more than 1 admit a shift (I'm still working on my last one) and the 12 hour nocs do not want to take admits because "they haven't seen all their patients yet".
    I am so tired of this shift, but am not a morning person and ended up on antidepressants when I worked nocs. And as many posters, I just physically cannot do 12 hour shifts.
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    Not anymore. Admissions are 24 hr per day and discharges are 7am until 9pm sometime. Have worked 3-11 a long time. Works out better for my home life. Next choice would be 7p-7a. Day shift is just crazy with all the doctors, patients going here, there, and everywhere etc. No thank you to day shift.
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    I love the pm shift! I've worked pm's part time with two children and have always liked it. I don't have to set my alarm, rush around in a fog, and fly to work. I get stuff done, dinner cooked for the family, and still find some time for walking the dogs. It's quieter and there is less management mucking up my shift!
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    Many years ago I worked the 3-11 and found it conducive to my life. I got home showered, went to bed at a decent time, 1 ish; and was able to be up by 7 and go about my day. I also worked the 11p-7a and hated it: Day people can be merciless, if you know what I mean. I've also worked the CNA 7p-7a and, ugh, I was whipped the first day off after shift; nothing ever got done around the house. Now I'm looking at a PCT 3p-3a Friday to Monday; and as I am still a BSN student I can sleep through first class at 8am (lol). We'll see how it goes.
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    I worked 3-11 for a year and hated it. Like REALLY hated it. I have no kids and live at home with my mom and sister. I worked Monday-Friday. The best part was I didn't have to work weekends. I couldn't stand always waking up alone and coming home and everyone was asleep. I felt like I never saw any of my friends, cuz most of them are not nurses so they worked regular office hours. I could never fall asleep early enough or wake up early enough. I have worked every 8 hour shift and I honestly feel like 3-11 is the absolute worst.
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