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One of my patients, a hard-nosed nurse who retired from the profession after more than 30 years of duty, struck up a conversation with me not too long ago about shift work. “What hours do you work?” she interrogated. Her New... Read More

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    I loved 3 to 11, too. I was just upset that I never got to chart in green ink. For some reason that really appealed to me. My hospital had already done away with that in the mid-70s. I found that when I worked 7 to 3 I would fall asleep for an hour or two after I got home (this was pre-kids) thus negating all that daylight time to be productive . . .
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    I LOVE 3-11:30, I can sleep in if I need to, have plenty of daylight hours to do things and then go to work. I can't do nights, I've tried and it's not me, it actually made me physically ill.
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    3-11 works for me. actually is the only shift that works for me. My son's bus gets to house at 620 am. Too late for me to get to work on days( I have 45 minute ride one way).All the day cares in my area open at 6 am- again, too late. I have no neighbors( rural area)Mind you it sucks to get home at 200 am, and try to sleep , then get up at 0530 to get him on the bus, but I do go back to sleep until about 11 am, then get ready for work.Nights wont work either as I get out too late- wouldnt be home til 0830. Hopefully someday my son will be independent , but at 12 , I cant trust him t get on the bus alone at 6 20 am. Then maybe someday I will have a normal life.
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    Love love love my 3-11 shift. I'm young and childless and have been working 3-11 since I graduated nursing school almost 5 years ago. Works perfectly with my natural sleep pattern. My new job where I am scheduled for 32 hr eves with every other weekend has worked out perfectly for me--allows me just enough weekdays off to be home to enjoy dinner with my boyfriend (who works m-f 7-3:30 in another field) and enough weekends to make plenty of fun plans with each other and friends. I can completely see how it may not work for me if I ever have children, but it works great for now. Have considered requesting a move to nocs in the future to try something different... but for now loving my eves!
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    I used to work a non-nursing job 3-12 Tues-Sat and I have to say that I loved it. I was young and single and would go to bed around 1, wake up at 9, work out then lay by the pool until 2 before going to work. I'd party Sat nights after work, sleep all day Sunday, do all errands on Mondays then go back to work lol. But. . .married with kids now. . .I could never do that shift.
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    I'm married with 3 young kids and work 3-11's.
    I only work part-time, so 3 shifts/week.
    The only reason I haven't applied to day shifts that have come up, is that then I am risking working 12's on my weekends/holidays, and it just isn't worth it to me!
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    My son loves the 3-11 shift as he has always disliked the mornings and loves to sleep in...
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    I work the dreaded pm shift. I liked it for many years, but now I am beginning to greatly dislike it. What I like about it was the extra shift differential, and having some time during the morning to run errands even on work days. I like being home in the mornings with my kids (who are of preschool age). Now that I have kids, pm shift is wearing on me. It's not like I can go right to sleep soon as I get home on work nights, so my bedtime is quite late 2-3 am...resulting in a horrible lack of sleep if I have to get up with the kids at 7, or sleeping the whole morning away (if my husband is home). On my days off, my family has a hard time with me not being able to "flip" right into their sleep schedule. It is near to impossible to be expected to go to bed at 2 am for 4-5 nights in a row and suddenly go to bed at 10 the next few nights & rise at 7am. I have worked all the shifts. I guess pm shift worked for me when I didn't have kids, but now I am wanting dayshift or a much earlier pm shift, if that even existed. Night shift I have done, but I'm not a night person, and I never got any sleep on that shift either. Also, on pm med/surg units you get the lucky task of discharging a bunch of patients only to get 1-3 admits and a bunch of post ops. Good points of discussion here. I'm all in favor of getting more sleep, so that's my new agenda. More sleep & less stress in 2013. :-)
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    My vote goes to 12 hour nights. Love 4 days a week off. Nights are usually much quieter than days in the ICU. No docs, fewer family members, fewer discharges. It's not that I'm lazy. It's just that I am getting older and enjoy less chaos. My kid is grown and my husband is semi-retired so it gives us a lot of freedom to do things together. The wonderful thing about nursing is there is a shift for just about everyone.
    And I do think that continuity of care is improved with just 2 nurses giving report.
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    I actually like the 3-11 shift but only cos my my OH can pick up kids from after school care. I can drop them at school, get some errands done, walk dog and sleep if I want. Mind you I am only casual(prn) and pick my shifts. I have spent 20 yrs doing 12 hrs (3 per week) and pre kids loved it. Now I am in NZ doing 8 hr shifts and feel so much better for them. I get 1/2 hr lunch and 20 mins tea in a 8 1/2 hr shift. Crap pay but better conditions!

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