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AlphaPig has 5 years experience and specializes in neuro/med surg, acute rehab.

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  1. I am hoping so - I am waiting to hear from Humana about this.
  2. I got a job with Humana working from home. The problem - I rent an apartment and my apartment complex won't allow an additional cable line to be run to my apartment (Humana requires my landlord to sign a form saying that they can run an additional cable line) Anyone else run into this problem? It would cost me $$$$$ to break my lease at this point
  3. AlphaPig

    Humana Employees

    I start March 2nd as a telephonic at home RN - I am going to their HQ in Kentucky for a week of training. Anyone going up there for training?
  4. AlphaPig

    Humana Employees

    I start March 2nd as a telephonic at home RN - I am going to their HQ in Kentucky for a week of training. Anyone going up there for training?
  5. AlphaPig

    RN Salary Survey 2013: Post here!

    This is depressing me - so many of your make more $$$. But, I guess in general the cost of living is relatively low in FL (no state income tax) but in this urban area houses and gas and food is expensive! 1. State you work in - FL 2. Years of experience - 4 3. Specialty/unit and work setting (clinic, hospital, prison, etc)- 450 bed urban hospital med/surg 4. Hourly Pay (base rate) or salary- $26.60 full time or $32.50 PRN (I'm currently PRN but thinking of switching to full time for the benes) 5. Differentials (if any)- Not sure about night shift (differential starts at 1900 so I never see it) weekends I think is only $1.25/hr 6. Union- Nope!
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a floor nurse and I'm currently PRN working 2-3 shifts week. I have the opportunity to either stay PRN or return to full time (I was full time last year but switched to return to school, but now I need to return to 3 days a week whether PRN or full time) Anyway, I am playing with both and would appreciate outside opinions to make sure I'm not forgetting anything when weighing the options. PRN is $32.50/hr with, obviously, no benefits. Also, first to be called off. Full time is $26.25/hr. Full benefits (I do need health/dental - I had a policy on my own but now with the Affordable Care Act, my cost is actually doubling for insurance. Also, I just learned I need some pretty extensive dental work so I would love to have dental) and PTO. PRN is obviously a lot more $$. . .but I was thinking about things like taxes. Would it end up being that much more after taxes? Won't I be paying more? I am torn between the flexibility of PRN and the stability and health plans of full time. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  7. AlphaPig

    Just Another Day in Paradise | Life of a Nurse

    Love it. I work with some great people, too - some real characters. It's the only thing that keeps me sane most days. Good luck on the new job possibility!
  8. This is sort of a ranty long post. . .just a warning :) A few weeks ago, I was floated to an "overflow unit" (in other words, a lonely little floor with no real staff or support or manager just sort of shoved in a deep dark crevasse of the hospital) and I had a pretty sick patient. Tons of co-morbidities (DM, CHF, pnuemonia, AMS, hx of cva and about a million more I don't remember). From a SNF. Oh and on contact for EVERYTHING, like things I had never even heard of and had to look up. Picc line, peg tube, foley, oxygen NC. Anyway, so I go in to assess her and turn her (by myself, because on this floor there was no CNA, no charge nurse, no unit secretary - NOTHING, just me and one other nurse. Thank god I only had 4 patients that day because it was primary care, baby!) So I assess her and her lungs sound awful, like she is freaking drowning. O2 sat is 99 on 2L so that is ok. She had had a thoracentesis the day before and they had taken off 1,500cc. Upon further search in her records, she had had a previos thoracentesis 5 days prior where they had removed 1,700cc. She needed to cough but couldn't do it. More than that going on, but you get the picture. So. . .the primary comes in and discharges her back to the SNF! I was shocked, I ventured a "Do you think she is ready? Did you listen to her lungs?? Did you see her labs???" and he just shot me a dirty look and said, "we aren't doing anything for her here, she can go back." and I said, "has pulmonary signed off?" and the MD wasn't happy about that and stalked off. THEN, he returned a few minutes later and rattled off all of his reasons for sending her back to SNF and ended with "she will be back, probably next week, she will be back for sure" and I said, "well then WHY ARE WE DISCHARGING HER??" THEN, I took it upon myself to call the pulmonologist to say, "um, the primary is discharging this patient" and the pulm said "WHAT?!!? I was going to order a follow up chest xray tomorrow and this patient needs aggressive RT therapy that they don't have at the SNF!" so I was relieved and thought maybe the pulm could stop the discharge. ..nope! He sighed and was like "well, if he discharged her, that's his issue" and I was like "NO! please, call him! tell him you want to keep her here!" Nope. No, he just signed off. I even called the primary back and told him what the pulm had said - Nope. So. . .off the patient goes back to the SNF. I felt so so so bad. AND. . .the next week I come back after about 4 days off and the patient's name was still on my list and. . .there she was. . .back after only 2 days at the SNF. . .and this time in the ICU. I hate things like this. I told my nurse manager and she just shrugged her shoulders and was like "well, the patient is very sick" UGH UGH UGH!!!! THEN MY NURSE MANAGER HAS THE AUDACITY TO TELL ME I HAVE A SPECIAL VIP PATIENT COMING TO ROOM XXX AND THE FAMILY MIGHT MAKE A BIG $$$ DONATION AND TO TREAT PATIENT EXTRA WELL. . . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do any of us survive this job? (I am going to make a separate post about this lil VIP patient) Thanks for listening! sometimes I just need to "talk" to others who get it.
  9. AlphaPig

    Doctors not talking to nurses

    I think that most of the doctors where I work are pretty unhappy - my hospital has been making a lot of changes and some of the MDs I am friendly with have told me things that make me feel bad for them. Many have been leaving. I just wish there was more. . .teamwork/camaraderie between nursing and medical teams. I try to be in the room when the MD is there to listen, but that is not always possible. I have worked in a teaching hospital before and it was a completely different story! However, in this area the good hospitals all require BSNs. Overall, I like my hospital and I work with really good people. . .just this gulf between nursing and medical always amazes me.
  10. AlphaPig

    Doctors not talking to nurses

    Where I work, doctors never speak to the nurses unless A. the nurse calls/physically hunts them down or B. the MD has a verbal order and doesn't feel like logging onto a computer. I was just thinking yesterday, as I kept missing the doctors as they came to see the patients (at least I assumed they saw the patients because hours later I would see progress notes pop up), that there are probably not many other jobs where different people working on the same "project/goal" (getting the patient better/discharged) never actually speak to each other about "project". There are a few doctors who come to me and ask about the patient and verbalize their plan and ask me what I think and I share my nursing opinion and we have a nice discussion (maybe 5 MINUTES LONG) and the patient care is better for it. I just don't get it. A 5 minute conversation would also minimize later phone calls/issues/missed things. . . Are nurses that awful to speak to?? ALSO, my biggest pet peeve is when the MD writes "discussed with RN" in his progress notes when he/she NEVER SAID A WORD TO ME. That happened 3 times yesterday with 3 different physicians. Sigh.
  11. Today I had a 60 yr old female patient with hx of DM who was taking large amounts of prednisone. I guess her BG levels had been running thru the roof. Imagine my surprise to look at the MAR and see 100 units of Lantus BID, standing order for 45 units of Novolog before each meal AND a really high SS (BG - 140 / 5). I ended up giving her (after double and triple checking the order, looking back at all of her other insulin doses, talking to my charge nurse AND PRAYING a bit lol) the 100 units of Lantus and a total of 59 units of log. I was soooo worried all morning. . .checking on her. . .watching her for signs of hypoglycemia. . . Then at lunchtime I checked her sugar with trepidation. . .and it was 197. Wow. And she complied with her 60 grams of carbs diet. But that is nothing. . .the day before her BG was 387 and she was given a total of 90 units of Novolog (according to the MAR)!!! How about you?
  12. No - I have experience in the Adventist system and am an atheist and no one cares. It is a religious atmosphere and they have services and prayers and bible verses read over the intercom but I work with Muslims and Jews and Christians and everything in between and no one presses any agenda.
  13. AlphaPig

    Another burnt out nurse - questioning everything. . .

    Just wanted to follow up on my OP. Thanks to a nasty virus, I had to take a few days off from work during the same period that my child's father was in town to watch my son. This led to me being able to actually SLEEP. . .a lot. . .and read some novels. . .and get caught up on school work. .and go for a few walks. . . and I feel so much better about everything. I am going to stay at my current job (where the people are nice and know me well) and stay in school. You are all right that school will pay off in the long run. I am also going to put my son in school 3 days a week starting in Jan (he is 2) for about 6 hrs a day and use that time to do school work, exercise and SLEEP. His father has agreed to pay half the cost of the school (we think it will be good for him, too, to be around other children) I am still stressed and tired and dreadfully out of shape. . but I feel better having had a few days of respite. So thank you everyone for your advice and kind words.
  14. AlphaPig

    Changing code status to DNR/DNI

    We get patients from local nursing homes all of the time who are admitted as full codes. . .they are usually about 100 yrs old, dementia, FTT and admitted for either AMS or a fall. . .and when going thru their admission paperwork I find DNR forms! I HATE it. I call the doctors and get them to change the order in the computer but what if something happens during those couple of hours it takes a doctor to do anything? Would I have to jump on their chest??
  15. AlphaPig

    Is nursing killing me :/?

    I feel that floor nursing has had a very negative impact on my overall health. At 35, I have aches and pains and get sick more frequently and have high BP and anxiety and back spasms. And I'm not overweight, nor do I smoke or eat lots of crap. However, my life in general is pretty stressful right now and working out/yoga has not been a part of my life in years trying to somewhere make more time for myself, but it's hard with the 12 hr shifts, hour commute and single mom thing.
  16. AlphaPig

    Another burnt out nurse - questioning everything. . .

    I appreciate all of the responses and have been reading and taking in them all. To respond to a few things: I do fear SNFs and ALF, especially here in Florida where they have such bad reputations. I work with some CNAs who also work at several of the local "big" places and the things they tell me terrify me. Home health - have seriously thought about it. A huge need down here in geriatric land. The good companies seems to want HH experience. . .will continue to think about it. Case Management. Yes, have thought a LOT about that. I applied for a CM job at my hospital but they do not consider anyone with less than 5 yrs exp (I have 4). Have thought about Humana (they hire a lot locally). Maybe an 8-5 job is what I need these days. I don't have my BSN. I have a bachelors in a difference field (from my pre-nursing life) so I need to take 6 "bridge" classes in my NP program. The classes I am taking will transfer to the BSN if I choose to forgo the NP route and just get my BSN. Lots of options. Torn on the NP. Torn on spending the time and $$ if I am not sure it is something I want to do. Seems like I could have a good enough career without it. And you are all right that I am just tired and stressed. A lot going on. The father of my child is not local - but he does send child support. And about anti-depressants. I was on them for several years - the side effects were awful. I have tried 3 with difference experiences. They did make me less. . .sensitive to stress. . .but the side effects. . .I am scared to try again. Maybe I should look into it. I liked the idea of getting off of them, but must admit life has been harder without them. Thanks again, everyone