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  1. Look at outpatients clinics or possibly a practice nurse position.
  2. Hagabel

    Be nice to new nurses!

    Good for you finding something that makes you happy! And I want to reassure you that a lot of us out here (more seasoned nurses) are very nice to new nurses. As long as they ask questions before doing anything potentially lethal thay can ask away!
  3. I just went casual after 22 years of nursing and suddenly got tired of weekends, holidays and nights! I work 3 days per week(8 hr shifts) and choose to work no holidays or weekends. I did work a Sat today (my choice) and still do shifts but never before 7a and no later than 2315. I also do a little home health admin(no scrubs or hands on nursing) about 1/2 day every other week. And I wonder why I see my kids more and my attitude has improved!
  4. Hagabel

    New grad RN in the ED. Am I being hard on myself?

    Sounds like you are doing fine esp if you have a great preceptor. Use the monitors but don't rely on them, look at your pts first, On our monitors the resp rate is typically unreliable and I never really use it. If concerned about a patient pop them on the monitor leads or the pulse ox but don't rely on it. Don't be intimidated by the Drs..their poop does not smell like roses and most ED Drs are really approachable and nice. After 13 yrs in ICU it took me about 1 yr to feel competent in ED! Enjoy and be patient with yourself!!!
  5. Hagabel

    Healthcare is NOT a basic human right.

    Exactly why I left the US! Here in NZ, socialised Health Care is a basic human right, as it should be .....
  6. Hagabel

    Soon to be new grad wanting to work @ Harborview.

    I spent 9 yrs at Prov Everett and generally enjoyed it. I worked ICU and ED. It is not a long commute out of Seattle. Just a suggestion.
  7. Hagabel

    Nurse/Patient ratio in the ED?

    I am overseas and I normally have 4 pts in the main adult area. Resus is 1:1, consult(like fast track) is 6:1, kids ed 5:1, short stay (obs area) 5: 1 and up to 10:1 at night. (pts mainly sleeping being observed, ivf etc). We also have a waiting room nurse most of the 24 hrs who starts working up pts, they have the entire waiting room! Traige can have up to 6 pts being held in the ambulance area a /w beds, 1-3 triage nurses depending shift. We are the equivalent of a large busy level 1.
  8. Hagabel

    Soooo, I quit

    I did ICU for 13 years and the only time we ever had 3 pts was when they were about to be transferred to the floor and they were stable. The heart should have been a 1:1 for at least the first few hrs and there is NO way anyone could have taken care of all of those pts. Good luck with everything and as someone else said do not beat yourself up, but don't give up on Nursing, try a different field or an ICU somewhere else. I moved to ED and have been doing that for 9 yrs and love it!
  9. Hagabel

    Fast Track Nursing

    Fast Track is always a bit crazy in our dept and certainly not an easier assignment. 6 cubicles (no bedded pts allowed) and always a new pt in and out. Our pts wait in the w room, come in for treatment/eval and then go back to the w room waiting on tests, with IV's etc. Our ED has 6 different areas and only experienced nurses do Triage and Resus. Other areas include adult cubicles (main ed), pediatric ed, short stay adults and kids (separate areas), consult (FT), triage and resus. Stops you getting bored and keeps you skills up in all different areas.
  10. Hagabel

    From USA to AU

    If you are looking for weather like Seattle you may want to try NZ..defintely more seasonal from what I understand (only just moved here) and less extremes of temperature.
  11. Hagabel

    Will it get better???

    OMG...you should have seen me, a nurse with 15 yrs experience inc 13 years ICU, my first few months in the ED. I was scared to death, not of the trauma pts or vents, or central lines but pelvic exams, splints and starting IVs(did not start too many IVs in ICU). I think you are expecting too much of yourself too soon. PP gave some great advice. Ask your more experienced staff as much as you can and defintely catch up on some courses. TNCC is especially good. Good luck. PS I just emmigrated and am now working in the ED in another hemisphere, like being a new grad all over again!!!!
  12. Hagabel

    Great moments in bad judgement

    TV remotes and Gerbils also find their way up the butt too!!!!
  13. Hagabel

    Frequent Flyers

    Here in NZ where I work has well established management plans for a bunch of FF's. They are adhered to strictly and printed at triage by the triage nurse, inless they are here with other issues. The triage nurses are also good at screening out the ones who have not even tried to go their gps and sending them there. Still get FF but they let them sit for hours and they get tylenol....
  14. Hagabel

    IV forms of Zofran and Decadron given PO???

    Yes, used to give IV decadrom and mix it with juice or something else. Accepted pharmacy policy. Zofran IV I have only given only IV in my experience. Why not used the wafer or oral Zofran as both are readily available?
  15. Hagabel

    Australia or New Zealand?

    I am loving it here in NZ and have no desire to move to OZ. I hate bugs, really hot weather, too many people over there for us and a few other reasons. My family and I moved here for th elifestyle and we are loving it so far.
  16. Hagabel

    Everyone wants to be a nurse

    I still enjoy nursing after 21 years and hope to for many more. I enjoy the variety and drama and craziness of the ED. I started thinking about changing professions and then moved to NZ and refound that sparkle I had lost in the US