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  1. Look at outpatients clinics or possibly a practice nurse position.
  2. Traveler nurse in Australia or New Zealand.

    I have not actually heard of travelling nurses over here like you have in the US. Most of the overseas nurses work in our dept for at least a year before moving on to Australia or wherever they are going to next. You need to register with the New Zea...
  3. False accusations.

    What a nasty post. She is trying to do her best and it sounds like she prioritised correctly in an emergency...if some one has fractured legs during nasty fall hardly the time to respond to the other family member with his complaints.
  4. Med Surg Nurses: How many patients do you care for?

    I work in NZ and our ratio in ED is 1:4 or 1:1 if they are in resus or really sick. In the US I worked various ED's and it was normally 1:4 or occassionally 1:5. I cannot imagine working a floor and having 4-7 pts!
  5. Triage complaints- the good, the bad, and the shocking.

    Tonight: I have sunburnt feet...seriously.......... healthy person with red legs at 11pm at night in summer I hurt my foot.......pt has not had a shower in possibly months, drunk and feet so skanky I cold not see anything except dirt and hard skin Nu...
  6. I am struggling with patient families lately.

    I hear all you guys! I work in a very busy ED in NZ and we have no visiting hrs for obvious reasons. We only encourage 2 visitors and quickly ask more visitors to leave or swap out, unless ot is dying etc. We do allow visitors into our resus roms but...
  7. Whats your biggest pet peeve working in the ED?

    Yes I agree, if you are going to post on a ED nursing board you probably want to know what you are talking about and have some experience, just to appear a little more credible. (nothing personal)
  8. That Dreaded 3-11 Shift

    I actually like the 3-11 shift but only cos my my OH can pick up kids from after school care. I can drop them at school, get some errands done, walk dog and sleep if I want. Mind you I am only casual(prn) and pick my shifts. I have spent 20 yrs doing...
  9. So, who is working tomorrow?

    I am off over holidays this year but only because I went casual(prn) after 22 yrs of nursing and sick of doing a lot of holidays. I now enjoy staying home with the kids on the holidays whilst they are still young. Here in NZ you get double time and a...
  10. I trained in the UK, worked in the US for 20 yrs and have ben working in NZ for 18 mths in ER. I actually prefer working in NZ, (even though the pay is crap) but the staffing, way you get treated and working conditions are much better.
  11. Would you work on your day off?

    At this job...noo way. I am casual and work what I want/can. In the past I have at a job I had been at for a long time but no. My days are my days off.
  12. Left Nursing After 3 Months and Couldn't Be Happier!

    [COLOR=#003366]gloryfied Have not read all the answers so sorry if this repetetive but have you looked for a day postition or one with better hours? practice nursing, clinic, urgent care etc? I was miserable with shifts recently and I quit and went ...
  13. I agree with a lot of what you have said. However I think times have changed, some things for the better and some for the worse. I remember training and living in the Nurses Home, social club etc. As a young single person in a big city it was great. ...
  14. Be nice to new nurses!

    Good for you finding something that makes you happy! And I want to reassure you that a lot of us out here (more seasoned nurses) are very nice to new nurses. As long as they ask questions before doing anything potentially lethal thay can ask away!
  15. I just went casual after 22 years of nursing and suddenly got tired of weekends, holidays and nights! I work 3 days per week(8 hr shifts) and choose to work no holidays or weekends. I did work a Sat today (my choice) and still do shifts but never bef...