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SwampCat has 3 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Psychiatry.

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  1. Gero-Psych... good resources and essentials

    How weird, I did two years in child psych and just transferred to the "older adult" unit. That staffing is unsafe in my opinion. We have pts with stable med issues (maybe an iv a few times a yr) and for 22 pts there are 4 nurses and 4 techs (2/4 nig...
  2. LGBTQI and Psych Nursing

    I'm not an MSN either, but at least once a month we get a kid on the floor that is here for one thing but the kid is also questioning their gender identity. The youngest I've seen dealing with this was 10. My floor does 5-12 years old.
  3. Geropsych?

    One of the great things of geripsych is you don't lose all med/surg skills. I will go and help out on the geri floor now and then and it is always busy! It appears to me that morning is the same as afternoon which is the same as night. A lot of sundo...
  4. Pros and cons of psych nursing?

    How often does one work with a violent/aggressive patient? (daily, weekly, monthly?) Verbally aggressive is a all day thing where I am. Physically aggressive is usually at least once a week. Aggressive to the point of full blown restraints, a couple ...
  5. Self harmers

    We really try not to use it, but we have a restraint chair which is essentially a wheelchair with restraint straps. We have a de-escalation team we page and they come down (maybe, if their units aren't acute) and help try to talk the pt down or help ...
  6. Adolescent Psych RN

    Every day I thank the gods of my place of employment for hiring me onto pedi instead of adolescent. I wanted adolescent, now I cringe when I float up there. I've seen 17 year olds trying to kill themselves because mom took the phone away. I've seen 1...
  7. Theraputic ideas for patient activities

    Jenga with questions about goals, coping skills, aspirations, etc on each block
  8. Pay rate

    Glassdoor.com usually has good info
  9. Is Psych Nursing Easy?

    We could sure use some magical de-escalation powers on my unit! Especially when there are two seclusions and everyone else is feeding off the frenzy.
  10. Is Psych Nursing Easy?

    Let me show you my bruises from my last restraint/IM and you can guess how laid back psych can be. And ignore that healing bite mark. Kids do the darnedest things...
  11. Psych Nurse for kids ?

    This. Daily I feel like little more than a well-paid babysitter. Yes there are certain kids that you will reach and you will get the warm fuzzies like you made a little difference in the world, but I'll be honest: I get that maybe once or twice a wee...
  12. Crisis Observation Unit

    The one I am familiar with is only for children and adolescents. Your main duties are admissions and discharges Other than that, chat with them, play a game, de-escalate etc. The rooms at my facility have their own TVs, so many kids never bother to v...
  13. How many hours is your shift?

    We have 8's but some of the adult units have 12's. Our unit is a bunch of younger-ish nurses who are trying to come up with a way to switch many of us to 12's. We can do 16's either voluntarily or not.
  14. Dealing with disturbing patients

    I found it interesting that my unit gets animal abusers quite often. I just remind myself that it's not the child's fault. Ot's not like any healthy 7 year old would stab a cat or try to hang himself.
  15. Child psych patient restrictive interventions

    Our facility has been basing a lot of our changes on Butler Hospital (Providence, RI) 's methods. I'd start with their Director of Nursing