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seems some people might find that a little invasive when you think about how many people you interact w/ on a personal and impersonal level day in and day out.... Read More

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    Quote from psu_213
    I have a friend who works at a children's hospital. For security reasons, they must have the badge on with their pic and full name excuses there not to have one's badge.

    Yes, this is standard at many of the children's hospitals I've worked. You better believe those parents and others want to know exactly who is caring for their children. I can't say that I blame them at all.

    If safety were this enormous issue, I think we would have heard of more stalking reports in the news by now.

    What about famous folks? They all don't have body guards, and there is always paparazzi hanging around them. A few famous people have been accosted by stalkers, but it's not a lot.

    What about professors and teachers? What about all the rest of the professionals in the world that work with people and the public, and they either have their full names shown or addresssed or known by their formal names, such that those around them know who they are?

    I mean stalking is creepy, and some patients are creepy; but how much of an issue is this really?

    Now as long as they don't have you post your home addresss on your ID card, what's the problem? Of course if anyone actually tried to follow me home from work, I'm pretty sure I could lose them enroute.
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    Our badges just have the first name.. I wouldn't mind having my last initial on there, but I don't like having my last name freely available. I did have one patient ask me my last name recently. I miss having credentials (BSN, or things like PCCN, CCRN, etc for those who have those certifications) on the badge, though. There is an extra badge hanger that says RN or LPN, but that's it.
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    Our ID badges have our first name and surname. But I never wear it except special occasions.
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    I have refused having my last name on my badge in the past. Where I work now they do not place it there. I guess I have had different experiences then most of you-where pt's have asked to meet me somewhere, or where do I live, etc etc. I work both critical care and ER. most every nurse I know in my 15 years having worked across the country prefers to not have their last names on their badges.
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    First and last. Can't say that I care too much. The only patients that I care about seeing/knowing my last name are prisoner patients, and I have to take my badge off anyways before entering their rooms.
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    Quote from missnurse01
    I guess I have had different experiences then most of you-where pt's have asked to meet me somewhere, or where do I live, etc etc. I work both critical care and ER. most every nurse I know in my 15 years having worked across the country prefers to not have their last names on their badges.
    People ask me all the time where I live. I give them a very general answer. I also had one patient ask me to go to the movies with her. I politely told her that would not be appropriate. Most nurses I know don't cover their last names up...I take that to mean they don't care since those few nurses that do care cover up their last names on their badges.
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    People ask me where I live and how well my family is all the time. I live in the South where that is considered good manners. These people couldn't care less where I live and how well my family is, so I don't mind answering them.

    I love giving them my name, too. We have a reward system in place for special mentions from patients, and there are two people with my first name on my shift. I don't want the other one getting all my goodies!

    As of yet, nothing weird has happened because patients know my name.
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    Before I started in nursing school I worked in social services/mental health. I always had my full name on my badge or business card. I feel it is appropriate and professional to let my clients/patients know who I am.
    My school name tag has my full name on it and the hospital badges depend on which local facility I have my clinical in. Some list surnames, some do not.
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    Im in ER so I dont have my last name on my badge. Neither does psych, its facility policy. Have been told its a "Security Risk" by management, I honestly dont mind. Im the only one of my name in the department, so if someone can remember my first name, theres no mistaking who I am.

    When I was in nursing school, I had a psych patient call my house purposefully (I had my last name on my student badge, and was looked up in the phone book) and that REALLY freaked me out. I had no issues with patients looking for me when I was on the floor and had my full name displayed.
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    Pennsylvania Health Care Photo Identification Regulations

    What must be contained on the identification?

    1. A recent photograph of the individual. The photograph must be updated every 4 years, which is consistent with driver’s licenses in the Commonwealth;
    2. The individual’s full name, first and last;
    3. The individual’s title. For now, the only titles required are those licenses, certifications, or registrations held by the individual and recognized by the Commonwealth, such as “physician,” “nurse,” etc. The title must be “as large as possible in block type” and be located on a “one-half inch tall strip as close as practicable to the bottom edge of the badge”; and,
    4. The name of the health care facility or employment agency that employs the individual.

    Exception: Employee safety. The last name of the employee may be omitted or concealed when delivering direct care to a patient or consumer who exhibits symptoms of irrationality or violence.

    Must be fully implemented by 2015. Since 1977 I've worn a full name ID --name pin in early years, photo ID badge since 1999. I also have my signature plasted all over Admission and discharge home health paperwork left in patient's homes. Today's discharge summaries in our health system include physicians, discharge RN, Case Management staff full names. I even SPELL my name and give out office phone # to every caller while arranging home care services.
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