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  1. Direct Entry Psychiatric NP

    I have only one semester left in my direct entry psych NP program and will graduate in May. I chose the DE program here in Maine (USM)and am happy with the strong academic and clinical base I have received. I did earn my RN about 18 months into th...
  2. Suggestions for online Psych NP Program

    The PMHNP program at USM is a solid program with an emphasis on therapeutic interaction/psychodynamic therapy. They have a part time option where many students work part time or per diem. The starting salary in Maine for new grads is quite good and t...
  3. Psychiatric Institutions

    You would have more luck getting hired as a AND RN the more north you are. The Portland area hospitals generally will only hire BSN RN's. I think EMMC hires ADN RN's but not MMC. There are also choices regarding type of facility. Do you want to be a...
  4. Moving to Portland, ME?

    The RN job market is VERY tight here in Portland. Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital are the two major facilities but they often hire from within (i.e. CNA's who are now new RN's). Fewer nurses are retiring and the floors rarely "grow". The hosp...
  5. Before I started in nursing school I worked in social services/mental health. I always had my full name on my badge or business card. I feel it is appropriate and professional to let my clients/patients know who I am. My school name tag has my full ...
  6. Can a teacher do this?

    I had almost the exact same thing happen at my last med/surg exam. The class average was a 74. The teacher is new to our school and isn't completely sure of what our knowledge base is at this point in our degrees, and she had to follow another teache...
  7. 2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    Its in April or may. The website will tell you when they start taking applications.
  8. 2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    Have you two found our facebook page yet? There's about 18 of us on it. Let me know if you are interested or if you need help. There is a whole conversation about the orientation. I wasn't able to go myself but there are other people who did.
  9. Study time?

    I am a single mom to a 2.5 yr old. I am in a direct entry MSN program but right now I'm working on the accelerated rn part of it. I took 20 credits over the summer and I have 17 credits right now (18 next semester). I try to not study when I'm home ...
  10. 2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    There isn't any problem with loans you have taken out thus far. The only loans you have to worry about are the ones for next semester and beyond. You don't have to return your loan for the summer courses or this fall course. They will be reimbursed t...
  11. 2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    I know another woman at my school receiving a HRSA scholarship...and the school has messed up the paperwork. However, HRSA worked with the student and school to obtain the correct documentation without any interruption in benefit to the student. Mist...
  12. 2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    If you're having a hard time finding the Facebook page, try searching "NSP HRSA" instead of "HRSA NSP".
  13. 2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    Check the site! I have to sign in as a Participant now! Looks official. I have to go to clinical now so I can't explore but I'm excited that it's changed over! Good Luck!
  14. Nursing school preparation - downsizing

    I knew going back to school was going to be a huge challenge. I am a single mom with no savings or family support. So, I spent the year before school grooming my friends to become my family network. Told people I was going to take them up on their ra...
  15. 2012-2013 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Application

    I was specifically speaking about the ability to take out loans to supplement the $1298 monthly stipend. I was only sharing this to update a previous conversation I was having in this thread. HRSA will reimburse loans for the first semester awarded s...